05:41 PM | 27-01-2020

I have a problem of endometriosis ovarian cyst along with associated skin problem including rosacea. What should I do?

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08:23 PM | 28-01-2020

Hello Tusha,

Endometriosis a collection of toxic fluids, in the body which results in a cyst or toxicity. Depending on natural remedies, you can definitely treat endometriosis. Eat more green leafy vegetables, start with exercises. The inclusion of seeds in your diet results in the hastening of treatment of endometriosis.

Here are some home remedies which you can try in order to relieve from endometriosis:

1. Ginger tea, one inch of ginger crushed, added one teaspoon of honey helps us in treating endometriosis and in flushing out the toxins.

2. With the addition of Vitamin E, you can depend on getting your endometriosis treated. Seeds are a prime source of   Vitamin E for example, flax, pumpkin, and chia are primary sources.

3. Walnuts which are a rich source of omega-3 help you a lot in treating the same.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you.

Thank you

09:16 PM | 28-01-2020

Anything to do with the reproductive system can have many names. They cause their own symptoms. Whatever may be the name, the cause is the same - toxaemia and which set of organs get impacted is unique for a person.

Infections in the pelvic region are inflammation across the body when there is a lot of acidities. When do such things happen? When our body is toxic with the diary, meat, eggs, fish, and processed foods for a long period. When we don’t drink enough water when we tend to have a sluggish lymphatic system. It's quite likely that the person also suffers from constipation. When the body is filled with toxins and waste is not getting disposed off properly this happens, especially in the lower portions of the woman's body. The GI is longer in females than males plus the lack of space makes the need for clean food even beyond men. The intestines are more curved as compared to men who have a horseshoe pattern. But woman's intestines are more like a giant rollercoaster. So the toxaemia and viral infections spread faster.

The stomach and GUT will be lined with the rotting waste, unwanted bacteria and foods that were not digested properly in the stomach. Bad foods consumed over a long period of time with heavy fats and proteins that weakens the bile and the hydrochloric acid in the gut. With weaker stomach acids and ineffective weak bile, the food does not get digested properly and leaks into the intestine while the pathogens feed on them. Overtime it reaches the colon which is the final dumping ground. This causes inflammation, pains, constipation, endometriosis, fibroids, diarrhoea and can also result in piles, fissures and yeast infections on the excretory organs. Please understand germs are not to blame. They come to decompose and feast on the rotting matter. That’s the natural law of decomposition.

Rosacea is usually a result of the suppression of simple skin issues for a prolonged period of time. You might be able to recall or let us know what skin issues minor or major you had before this became Rosacea.

It’s an advanced chronic skin condition and it will take a few months to heal. If you have had food that’s consistently poor in nutrition and life, how will the skin breathe? The dominance of non-veg, cooked foods, dairy, meat, eggs, fish etc will tax the skin. So when the body is overloaded with toxins, skin as an excretory organ will be asked to do more work than it can handle. Other channels might either be blocked or sluggish. Hence the skin.

To heal this condition., It is best that you start cleaning the GUT, which in turn make the nutrients ready to absorb and deliver nutrients throughout the body and eventually cleaning the pelvic region as a whole as well. If the previous organ in the process had done their job, subsequent ones don't have to take the hit. When body organs are clean, they do their job perfectly well. With the right lifestyle, this can be achieved. You must switch to a low-fat plant-based lifestyle. Low fat here because fats also come in low % from raw foods like fruits, vegetables, and greens.

My suggestion is a complete detox:-

For 10 days stay on just juices and beyond that for 1 month on fruits, greens majorly and veggies in raw form to address the immediate pains and symptoms. If issue is recurring for a long time, expect a longer healing time. You might feel like you healed, but you will have the infection. Even when your issues are leaving the body, you will have symptoms. Just continue to be only on liquids if eliminations increases. These issues must not be suppressed.

Ensure that you Consume 3liters of fruit or vegetable juice, tender coconut, vegetable juices daily. Any pathogen has to be naturally flushed in a liquid environment. The focus must be on helping the lymphatics move.

Follow this to avoid recurring in future. The lifestyle you currently have will cause more severe issues in future:-

Morning on an empty stomach:

  • Celery juice 500 ml filtered / ash gourd juice/cucumber juice/ green juice with any watery vegetable like ash gourd/cucumber/ridge gourd/bottle gourd/carrot/beet with ginger and lime filtered/ tender coconut water or more pure veggie juice all morning. 

Afternoon from 12 pm:-

  • A bowl of fruits - don’t mix melons and other fruits. Eat melons alone. Eat citrus  fruits alone

  • Followed by a bowl of vegetable salad.

  • Dinner 2-3 hrs before sleep with fruits or veg. salad only. Your condition may not heal with excess cooked foods or by keeping the old lifestyle anymore. For one month stay full raw and if things get better add gluten-free, unpolished grains cooked oil-free cooked for dinner.

  • Please take enema for 30 days with Luke warm water and then slowly reduce the frequency as this is not a substitute for daily nature call. Consult an expert as needed

  • Include some exercises that involve moving all your parts ( neck, shoulder, elbows, wrist, hip bending, twisting, squats, knees, ankles ).

  • Sit in the morning sun for 30 mins at least.

  • Ensure that you are asleep between 10 pm -2 pm which is when the body needs deep sleep.

  • Place a wet cloth on your tummy for 30 mins daily.

What to Avoid - these foods cause inflation  in the body:

  • Avoid refined oils, fried food packaged ready to eat foods, dairy in any form including ghee, refined salt and sugar, gluten, refined oils, coffee, tea, alcohol, using oils in cooking.

  • Food touchingTeflon plastic aluminium copper. Use clay / cast iron / steel / glass.

  • Avoid mental stress by not thinking about things you cannot control. Present is inevitable. The Future can be planned. Stay happy, happiness is only inside yourself. The world around you is a better place if you learn to stay happy inside yourself. Reach us if you need more help in this area. Emotional stress can cascade the effects. Thank your body and love it

If you have questions, reach me

Be blessed.

Smitha Hemadri (Holistic lifestyle coach)

07:31 PM | 27-01-2020


Kindly read the journey below of Smita as to how she overcame these similar issues.


All your health issues suggest that there is a lot of toxic waste material that has built up over a period of time. Our bodies are designed to work best on foods provided by mother nature i.e. fruits and vegetables. All packed, processed, animal foods, oily, sugary and dairy foods create a toxic load on the system. The body is unable to get rid of these and provides symptoms either in the form of skin issues or any other health issue. It is best to support your body to heal itself by making the following lifestyle changes.

  • Avoid dairy, animal foods, packed, processed, sugary and fried foods. They are all difficult to digest for the body. They create a toxic environment in the body.
  • Include plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. Fruits should be taken for breakfast. Since the body is in the elimination mode and fruits are predigested, they cause minimum load on the body. They also contain fiber and help in clearing the bowels.
  • Proper rest and sleep. This helps the body to repair and recover. Our digestive system also gets rest and it can focus on the cleaning aspect of the body.
  • Physical activity every day helps clear bowels. Movement of the body is essential to get rid of waste materials.
  • Manage stress either by yoga, exposure to nature or even meditation. All these release happy hormones and the body can rest and repair.
  • Exposure to sunshine in the early morning. Sunshine kills all bacteria on the surface of the skin.
  • Avoid the use of all cosmetics and chemicals on the skin.

Wishing you Good Health Always!

Thank you


07:27 PM | 27-01-2020

Dear health seeker Tusha, 
       At the outset I may mention that you have come to the right place for addressing your multiple diseases, At one point in time I too had multiple health issues but they all vanished in thin air by the Divine science of healing i.e, basic nature cure. Rest assured you will be healthy again soon. Your issues of endometriosis and rosacea will be reversed back to health, not only that but you will enjoy a never-before level of health. , Endometriosis is a noncancerous disorder in which pieces of endometrial tissue normally occurring only in the lining of the uterus (endometrium) grows outside the uterus. 
Endometriosis is a chronic disorder that may be painful. Exactly how many women have endometriosis is unknown because it can usually be diagnosed only by directly viewing the endometrial tissue ( which requires a surgical procedure). Endometriosis probably affects about 10 to 15% of menstruating women aged 25 to 44. It can also affect teenagers. 
Endometriosis sometimes runs in families. It is more likely to occur in women who have their first baby after the age of 30 years, who have never had a baby, who are of Asian descent, or who have structural abnormalities of the uterus. 

The cause of endometriosis is unclear, but there are several theories: Small pieces of the uterine lining that are shed during menstruation may flow backward through the fallopian tubes towards the ovaries into the abdominal cavity, rather than flowing through the vagina and out of the body with the menstrual period. Cells from the uterine lining may be transported through the blood or lymphatic vessels to another location, or cells located outside the uterus may change into endometrial cells.

The main symptoms associated with endometriosis are pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic area. The pain usually varies during the menstrual cycle. 
Some women with severe endometriosis have no symptoms, others have excruciating pain.


  1. We must eat to live and not live to eat. 
  2. .As a start drink any alkaline juice either of the following, ash gourd, bilva Patra banana pith. To the tune of 250ml.
  3. Sunbathing in the early morning sun for  25 minutes, followed by a spinal bath or full bath. 
  4. Some simple yogic asanas are particular to the abdomen.in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles. 
  5. A  wet pack over the abdomen for 20 minutes twice in a day preferably morning and evening. 
  6. Fruit salads or vegetable salads in breakfast with enough coconut scrappings. 
  7. Conservatively cooked vegetables and raw salads with enough coconut scrappings in lunch 
  8. Fruit juice at or around 4 PM if there's a sufficiency of hunger, if not then avoid. 
  9. Conservatively cooked vegetables plus one or two roti or small quantity of rice in dinner.
  10. Since there is a lot of heat in the pelvic area on account of hyperacidity, sitz bath or shallow hip bath under able guidance should be availed daily, it will have a desirable impact and God willing you will be healthy again. 
  11. Needless to mention that avoid all enervating foods tea and coffee, processed, manufactured, preserved foods, animal products, habits. 
    All your health issues including rosacea, endometriosis will be radically cured within a short period of time.

V.S.Pawar Member Indian institute of natural therapeutics 1980   

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