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01:54 PM | 28-01-2020

I'm 20 yrs old but my testosterone is low and it affects my sex drive. Can you plz help and guide me how to increase it naturally? What to eat to increase testosterone?

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3 Answers

06:37 PM | 28-01-2020

Testosterone is not the only hormone that is linked to low libido. Multiple factors, both physical and psychological can play a major role. Physical issues that can cause low libido include low testosterone, prescription medicines, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and drug use, bad food habits that include excess dairy, eggs, fish, meat, refined and processed junk. Psychological issues like depression, stress, anxiety in a relationship can also affect things. Testosterone and androsterone are both acidic hormones in men which helps in breaking down and increasing the growth things for a good cause in the body, affecting facial hair, pubic hair, muscles. Most people choose to eat a predominantly acid-forming diet, on top of such acidic conditions of the body. These are counterbalanced by alkaline hormones such as progesterone and natural steroids in the body which are anti-inflammatory and produced by your adrenals.

So, just because some male characteristic is not working, it does not always mean that its lack of acidic hormones. It's an imbalance that needs correction.

Consume an alkaline diet consisting mostly of raw fruits, vegetables, and greens to replace the main meals till dinner. For dinner consume gluten-free, oil-free food. Avoid all acid causing foods such as dairy, eggs, meat, fish, refined sugars, fried foods, maida, transfats, oils, etc.

Exposure to the sun and exercising will help the body heal. Increase liquids daily to 3-4  liters including fresh juices from fruits, veggies, greens, and plain water.

If you have any doubts reach me

Be blessed

Smitha Hemadri (Holistic lifestyle coach)

02:59 PM | 29-01-2020

Thank you so much for your information but please give me advice to which type of food eat to increase my teresotrone leve

Smitha Hemadri

05:18 PM | 29-01-2020

Does not work that way. Fruits, veggies and greens raw consumed all day till dinner , increasing your liquids to 3-4 lts per day will heal you fully. Be patient and dont look for shortcuts. I hope you read my answer properly/. Read again if needed. You dont need an isolated increase of hormone..body does not work in isolation. Works holistically - as a WHOLE

05:45 PM | 29-01-2020


  • Testosterone is an important sex hormone, it plays an important role in the body. It regulates sex and its decrease in secretion will not affect your sexual drive, It reduces the ability to have satisfaction.
  • Low or decreased amount of testosterone is one of the causes for the reduction in sexual drive, other factors like stress, lack of sleep and depression also cause low sex drive. 
  • Testosterone helps in the formation of body mass, regulates fat distribution in body, and strength. It has a vital role in maintaining overall health. 
  • Take proper sleep: Sleep is more important things to maintain testosterone levels. Improper sleep leads to stress, stress leads to the irregular secretion of testosterone. Sleep for at least 7-8 hrs. Improper sleep leads to stress and a reduction in testosterone levels. 
  • Diet: Maintain a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, and green leafy vegetables. Add whole grains, cereals, and pulses.
  • Vitamin D:Take more vitamin D rich food and regular sunbath. Vitamin D has a vital role in the regulation of testosterone.
  • EFA: Take flax seeds, beans, walnuts, and almonds, etc. Which are rich in minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium, and essential fatty acids, etc. 
  • Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, and other artificial beverages. Caffeine present in these beverages leads to a decrease in testosterone.
  • Drink enough water and keep the body hydrated, It helps to get toxin elimination and maintains body temperature.
  • Physical activities: Stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Do physical exercises like jogging, skipping, swimming, etc. Do regular yoga, relaxation techniques, and meditation and keep away from stress. 
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to heat. It prevents testosterone secretion. Wear natural fabric clothes and avoid synthetic and tight clothes.


08:07 AM | 29-01-2020


If there is a toxic overload on the body, it can lead to an imbalance in the hormonal level. The toxic overload can happen due to stress, lack of sleep, inadequate hydration, high intake of acidic foods, etc. Our Natural Health Coach can look into your routine in a more comprehensive way and give you an action plan. Shifting to a natural lifestyle will help you. Let us know if you are interested, this coaching will be for a fee. You can explore our Nature-Nurtures Program for the same.  

We wish you all the best for your good health.

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