10:34 AM | 04-02-2020

I am suffering from Mitral Valve Prolapse and very fearful about it. Can anyone here pls help me with natural solutions?

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07:21 PM | 04-02-2020

The mitral valve separates the two chambers (atrium and ventricle) of the left side of the heart. In mitral valve prolapse, the leaflets of the mitral valve bulge (prolapse) into the left atrium like a parachute when the heart contracts. Sometimes mitral valve prolapse causes blood to leak back into the atrium from the ventricle, which is called mitral valve regurgitation.

In nature cure, all such issues are because of lifestyle. 

We all know that the role of the Heart is to pump blood. So the story goes like this, you eat some food, the food gets into the stomach. And for that to digest, it has to go through the entire gastrointestinal tract. Among this liver, the gallbladder and pancreas play a major role in trying to understand and assimilate the food. The liver is one of the organs where it understands whether the food you eat is right for the body or not. Any food that is not available directly from nature is something that the body does not understand. In any food that the body does not understand gets accumulated in the liver and the surrounding organs. One of the major functions of the liver is to thin the blood from all the fats that you constantly been feeding day after day. This might be in the form of tadka it might be in the form of fried food it might be in the form of dairy it might be any form of animal products that you have been consuming. Please remember that cold-pressed oils are also oils but definitely better than refined but any oil is oil. Over a period of time, these fat deposits get accumulated in the body because we don’t have vim and pril to scrub these in the body. What we do have is bilirubin that does the blood-thinning work by reducing the fats by thinning down the fats. If you have a high concentration of fats and other forms of toxins in the blood the oxygenation level in the blood will be extremely low. This low oxygenation level can pose a risk to your heart and brain. The heart actually expects a purified form of blood from the liver. Initially, when you’ve had a high-fat diet the liver would have handled the situation. But one cannot expect this to happen over and over and over again. Over a period of time, all the things that the body does not need to start overflowing from the liver and liver efficiency reduce. When the efficiency of the liver reduces it means that the blood will also be contaminated. If you are the heart and you will have to suck crude oil from a certain distance you will definitely have to put that effort, isn’t it? Now if the heart has to do this over and over again on a daily basis what would be its status after a few months or years? It’s simply getting tired gets inflamed and you will have a named condition. Whatever may be the name of your condition what however complex is your issue it just means that the heart is tired from doing the work that it has been doing in your body over and over again.

The only remedy to this problem is to make sure that your blood is naturally thinned and handled by the body and gives the heart a break and makes the pumping the pushing and pulling easier. How do you do this? the answer is very simple:- you have to make sure that you consume a whole food plant-based lifestyle, even your greens have to be in its natural whole state unpolished, absolutely no oil in your diet, No intake of nuts and seeds while healing. Focus to eat fresh raw fruits vegetables and greens for the entire day except for dinner when you can optionally make an exception and consume an oil-free, gluten-free dinner. Liquids intake in a day must be 4 liters. Drink 3 liters of fresh juices from fruits greens and veggies and 1 ltr of water. This fluid intake is extremely important for healing. Since your condition is not something that will heal overnight like a cold or a cough. So it is very important that you just change your lifestyle to a plant-based lifestyle and then eventually stabilize this. Continue to expose yourself to the sun for about an hour a day. Join a yoga class and practice yoga and pranayama under a certified practitioner and practice yoga that is safe for your condition. Ensure that you eat raw for most of your day this will naturally thin down your blood and give the body a break from the fats so once all the oils start getting released from your body naturally, you will overtime be healed of your condition. the heart is a very resilient, very strong organ. It is one of the last organs to stop. It is designed to keep you alive. So much is the power of the heart. It has an equally good stamina to spring back up when the conditions are ideal. By removing dairy, eggs, meat, fish, sugar, wholewheat, maida , barley, and any form of oils all kinds of packaged foods that are ready to eat, practice mindful eating, chew your food as long as possible and swallow it. Avoid all forms of screen time when you are connecting with your food. Avoid using salt for any of your raw meals except for dinner and reduce the quantity of that as well. Avoid using refined salt and use pink salt as minimally as possible. Greens like spinach have natural salt in them that can replace salts in any meal. Lime juice is a great substitute for salt.

Reach me  if you have any doubts

Be blessed

Smitha Hemadri (Holistic lifestyle coach)

06:57 PM | 04-02-2020

Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) might occur when the leaflets like structure that are present in mitral valve bulge (prolapse) into the heart's left upper chamber (left atrium) like a parachute during the heart's contraction. This condition could lead to blood leaking backward into the left atrium, a condition called mitral valve regurgitation.

In most people, mitral valve prolapse isn't life-threatening or dangerous as thought so and doesn't require treatment intervention or lifestyle changes. In some cases, intervention might be very essential.

The most common cause of MVP is abnormal stretching valve leaflets (called myxomatous valve disease) those present in the mitral valve. It is estimated that only 2% of the population suffers from this condition. People who have a genetic history or any other related health problems pose a higher risk to this health condition.

Some natural remedies that could be helpful are:

  1. Nothing to panic or worry, following some simple natural remedies, could help even if the disease is grave.
  2. It is best advised to talk to some counselors or get full information about the health condition through books or electronic media to take myths from your mind and also reduce unwanted thought processes.
  3. Magnesium plays a vital role in health which affects nearly every bodily system, especially maintaining muscle and nerve function, keeping the heart rhythm steady. Consuming a magnesium-rich diet mainly white beans and avocado might be best suggested.
  4. Intake of Vitamin B Complex rich foods like green vegetables, whole grains could play a vital role in managing the condition.

Other things You Could Undertake:

  1. Practice Yoga to reduce stress, and remove negative thoughts and to increase confidence levels.
  2. Consume Kokum juice which has a very vital role to play on the health of heart and heart muscles.
  3. Avoid tea, coffee, sugared drinks, fried foods and junk foods, meat, fish, etc which could worsen the condition.
  4. Make a habit to get enough sleep for at least 7-8 hours daily.
  5. Take part in bhajans or group prayers which could also have an impact on general health and mind.

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