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11:59 AM | 04-02-2020

In early age between 20-30, why am I getting white hair?

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3 Answers

07:54 PM | 04-02-2020

Hello Shrnivash,

The main cause when we deal with premature greying of hair is when we get exposed to pollution and chemical products. Yes, our digestion and bad eating habits are also part of the same. The main thing to take care of, diet is to increase our protein intake.

Hair is made out of protein named keratin, with eating the right kind of food items, we can increase the protein intake and deal with the same. Even the presence of melanin decides the pigmentation of the hair, which helps in treating the cause very well. So here are a few things which need to be corrected.

So let us focus on what lifestyle changes we can make:


  • Eating food which has a high amount of proteins are legumes, green leafy vegetables, nuts like almonds, walnuts etc.
  • Seeds like chia, pumpkin and flax seeds are also necessary.
  • Coconut water and even eating shredded coconut is found to be very beneficial for hair health.

Regular massaging of hair is important to take care of the pigmentation. Here are a few hair packs which you can try to deal with hair problem.

1. Methi seeds, methi seeds powder two tablespoons mixed with rose water helps in getting the hair's natural colour. Before applying methi seeds pack make sure you apply the oil at night, so the pack does not stick to hair.

2. Onion juice paste is another beneficial thing for hair health. This will ensure to deal with the same issue.

3. There is one more way of coconut oil massage, where you warm the coconut oil and add curry leaves to it, let it splutter. This will help in naturally colouring the hair.


Here is some exercise which you can start for your hair and scalp health.

  • Rubbing your nails with each other helps in the treatment of the hair health as it boosts the blood circulation to the scalp, hair and nails have the same type of protein involved.
  • Chakrasana is another asana which would be recommended for healthy hair.


While massaging your hair what you can do is close your eyes, and visualise your hair getting its natural colour back, making it healthy. You can take a deep breath, start healthy music in the background you can feel the blood circulation getting a boost. This will help in relaxation and ensuring healthy hair health.


Having a sound 7-8 hours of sleep is helpful in treating anybody problem, a healthy sleep leads to a healthy mind and body.

Hopefully, this will help you

Thank you

08:48 PM | 04-02-2020

Dear health seeker shrinivas. 
The cause of premature greying can be told as 'lack of pigmentation '".that is just a symptomatic diagnosis, and not one that touches the root cause of the troubles. We must track that is responsible for the absence of pigmentation.
Among the many reasons that one could attribute is"worrying" but I know many young boys who worry the least and yet have grey hair.
Lack of sunlight is said to be the cause of lack of pigmentation. But we do observe that in many people those portions of the body exposed to sunlight, the hair had become grey and the hair in the covered portions remains black having thus observed, we may say that greying in cases is a protection provided by nature; the white hair reflects heat away and doesn't permit it to reach the scalp so much. as the black hair that absorbs heat. One could remember that there has been a habit of providing a white cover to umbrellas having a black cloth. The white cloth reflects away much of the heat and the black cloth takes the rest of it and thus provides a good cool shade.
In my experience, I have come across cases of premature greying turned black by the use of the juice of Indian gooseberry (aamalakam,aamla) or of the flowers and leaves shoe flower or hibiscus or jabakusum.
Both hibiscus and aamala when made into a paste and left over the hair turn them black perhaps due to the iron content in them or of some minerals content
An oil containing aamala, hibiscus curry leaves, hinna (mehndi) bhringraj, in coconut oil be prepared and applied will turn hair black again.
The use of shampoos and soaps for cleaning the hair is a bad habit and certainly responsible for falling off the hair. The use of these should be totally avoided instead use some herbal powders. Like Sheekakai, besan, reetha, and gooseberry, etc.
Hair health can not be viewed in isolation other than the overall health of the body for which consume lots of fruits and vegetables raw and cooked.  To the extent of 70%and rest from carbohydrates, beans, nuts,   coconut, Avoiding denatured, foodless foods, chillies spices and condiments and processed foods.
Also, avoid tea, coffee cola drinks animal products, food supplements.
  Your health issues of greying hair will be solved 

V.S.Pawar Member Indian institute of natural therapeutics 

02:44 PM | 04-02-2020

The real cause of your premature greying of hair might be due to various factors, namely environmental, wrong lifestyle habits or maybe even family history. A detailed examination and case-taking could reveal the exact cause. Stress also plays a vital part in this condition leading to either hair-fall or premature greying

Early or premature of greying of hair or hair loss or thinning of hair, all occur due to many reasons, not only diet and nutritional deficiency. The major causative factors are wrong lifestyle habits, stress, and some environmental factors too. Hair problems occur due to hormonal changes especially androgen, due to stress, anxiety, thyroid issues, ringworm infection, etc cause greying of hair, hair loss & hair thinning.

To prevent hair problems follow a well-planned diet regimen and proper lifestyle changes.

  • To get healthy and thicker hair please follow a healthy diet pattern. Consisting of fruits and vegetables.
  • Including nuts and dry fruits into your diet.
  • Always keep hair hydrated avoid too much dryness or too much moisture.
  • Use coconut oil, sesame oil or castor oil to keep hydrated.
  • Avoid tea and coffee or sugared drinks. Consume green tea, antioxidants in green tea helps in hair growth.
  • Avoid stress and practice regular Asanas, Pranayam, and meditation.Asanas especially inverted Asanas like Sarvangasana, sirasasana Padha hastasana etc.
  • Head massage using coconut oil/sesame oil /mustard oil/badam oil also helps to get thick hair.
  • Avoid fast food, maida, and fried items.
  • Avoid using shampoos and conditioners.

Additionally, you may follow these steps as mentioned below:

Take 100 ml of coconut oil and 100 ml of gingelly oil and heat it for at least 30-45 minutes. Take dried Mehendi leaves, dried rose petals, dried lemon leaves, curry leaves and dried multi petal hibiscus flower. Make a powder of these ingredients and mix it with the heating oil, heat it for 15 more minutes and allow the oil to cool. Preserve the oil in a container.

Directions for use:

Apply oil to your hair and then massage your head completely in the process of application.

Then try to have 30 minutes of sunbath and later you may go for a bath

Avoid using many shampoos based out of artificial ingredients, preferably use shikkakai powder or plant-based shampoos products. Khadi products could be of great choice as well.

Try to relax, have enough sleep and also avoid junk foods and sugared drinks.

You might get notable changes from 4th-5th months onwards.

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