01:32 PM | 29-01-2019

Hello, my name is Bhagyashri and I live in Europe. Since a couple of years I had been noticing my 2-3 fingers of right get a bit swollen and blue/green in color during peak winter. Left hand is normal. Swollen fingers are little bit painful at times. Does anyone know why it happens and what can be done for this? Thank you.

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07:57 AM | 01-02-2019

Hey Bhagyashri, this is really a common problem in peek winters. Relax, it can be sorted out by you, easily!

Let me split your question in parts and respond.

1. Why the fingers are swollen?

Any inflammation in body parts is due to the accumulation of toxin. It is called TOXAEMIA* and happens because of the body not being able to expel the toxins from the blood. When the blood flow gets normal, the swollen part gets its normal shape, back.

2. Why the fingers turning blue/green?

Physics-wise penetration of different colors of the light has different degrees of success in terms of its wavelength and travelling medium. If the light travelling medium restricts some colour substantially, the medium gets colored with that particular colour. Here the blue and green colors are restricted despite its high frequency and less wavelength due to the toxicity of  region. Please correlate this with Vein being blue and Arteries being red! Veins are more toxic than Arteries. Hence undoubtedly it is a loxin-laden region of the body due to which it is turning blue or green. No wonder, it gives irritation. Toxins are irritating always. 

3. Why only right hand?

The body finds its weak-link(s) based on different factors, starting from genetics to environment to faulty lifestyles for accumulation of toxins. The governing domain(s) behind this decision of the body cannot be figured out specifically. On the other hand, the genetics factor is useless to be explored as what is cast is already cast; the second factor, the environment is again a community driven aspect and can't be taken care by individual, alon. Hence, the third aspect, the lifestyle is the single accessible area which can be modified by the individual to assist the body to expelled the toxins from the weak-link(s) and reverse the weak-link into a stronger one.

4. Why is it happening only in peak winter?

Our body is designed to maintain a normal temperature at all time. It is controlled by our brain (hypothalamus, in specific). The VITALITY* works hard to maintain it. In peak winter, the body spends a lot of VITALITY* to adjust itself with the climatic temperature. If there is no consistent conservation of vitality in other areas of life, due to this overspend the individual may end up ENERVATING* herself which causes reduced output from the body and further development of TOXAEMIA*.  

5. What can be done?

As discussed, the improvement in the LIFESTYLE factor can be considered as the primary area to work upon. The CONSCIOUS, CONSISTENT CONSERVATION OF VITALITY* can improve the quality and quantum of conserved vitality so that the accumulated toxins in the blood can be expelled from the body.

CONSCIOUS CONSISTENT CONSERVATION OF VITALITY is the only route towards holistic wellness. This can happen in the following adoption.




Though the holistic approach is the best to opt, for time being, without suppressing the condition you can opt hot hydrotherapy by dipping your hand in hot water often in the cold climate.

You may also check our recent article on the above* terminology, in case you are new to Nature Cure science. You may join next batch of PSYsolution’s course on NATURE & LIFE to strengthen your understanding about this science and philosophy. You can APPLY HERE.

Thank you...

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04:42 PM | 29-01-2019

Soak hands in warm water which is infused with seasonal and regional tuber vegetables. Ideally boil the water with vegetables and soak hands once it cools down to warm temperature. Best time is before sleeping or immedietly on exposure to cold. This will facilitate the blood circulation which stops due to exposure to cold.

01:35 AM | 30-01-2019

Thank you Pramod, I will try this.


02:48 PM | 29-01-2019

Beautifully explained by Ankur. 

Bhagyashri - In addition to foods, I would say also strengthen your body's self-healing powers through meditation. The body heals best in a relaxed environment. Try the technique of visualisation. Download some nice soothing meditation music from youtube, close your eyes and visualise your swollen/discoloured fingers healing. Feel the positive energy, clean oxygen and blood reaching the affected area. Imagine your hand feeling light and pain-free. Do every day for 10-15 minutes, maybe twice a day. Visualisation works at programming our cells to work in the direction in which we are visualising. I had used this technique when I wanted to get pregnant. And also recently when I got constipation ;-). Needless to say, that this is in conjunction with food related or other steps you will take.  

01:37 AM | 30-01-2019

Thank you Anchal. I must admit that I am missing on meditation part. I should start this as well in small steps.


02:36 PM | 29-01-2019

One of the key requirements for body is to maintain temperature. 

But when we are living in very cold weather body needs to do extra work and priority is digestive system. So, it draws energy towards stomach. 

Hence, we usually have cold hands and feet.

This phenomenon also happens when we are not eating enough natural foods. Then also body needs to devote more energy in digestion.

So, two factors extreme weather and toxicity which is leading to your condition.

You need to allow body healing time.
We have circadian rhythm of digestion ( 12noon-8 pm) then assimilation/repair ( 8 pm-4am) and cleansing (4am -12 noon)

Maximum healing happens in 2nd 3 Rd cycle.

So, you need to allow body healing time and avoid eating during this time.

16 hours may sound too much but try to do 12-14 hours. You can have water or coconut water during this time.

Easy way to remember is to INCREASE time between dinner and breakfast/lunch

So , if you are dinner at 8 pm then try to have first meal around 10 am. Don't get stuck on number but focus on gap.

Hunger should be important criteria. We feel hungry when body is prepared to digest.

Unfortunately we eat according to TIME and not HUNGER. 


Increase your intake of fruits and salads
Increase gap between dinner and breakfast/lunch
Have fruits as first meal

In addition you take wet cloth (wringed) wrap on your fingers for 20 -25 minutes. 

Expose hand to sunlight for 15-20 minutes

Trust this will help

01:34 AM | 30-01-2019

Thank you Ankur. I am vegan since 3 years and I recently I had been following circadian rhythm and I am able to keep 16 hours gaps between my dinner and next day lunch. I will make sure that my fruit intake good. Also I will try to tie the cloth on my fingers. I appreciate your answer and guidance.


04:46 PM | 05-02-2019

Dear Bhagyashri.  Have you been focussing on your breath intake and emotions?  I noticed that in my journey while I fixed the food, I wasnt really doing much about the emotional wellness.  My mind remained active, and I still struggled with sleep.  I have also noticed that my feet and hands are always colder than my body temperature.  Recently, I started to learn meditation and breathing.  Its a simple act of taking in more oxygen, allowing mind to rest and relax.  but I have also noticed the immediate impact breathing has on my feet and hands.  They are warmer! and stay that ways the days I have meditated.  Similarly, I have noticed I am so much better, active, and warmer, when I have exercised (just simple daily activity that includes walking and yoga) 

While your situation is not exactly same as mine, I can tell you from experience that perhaps its time now to move to the next step in your wellness journey ! meditation, relaxation, connecting more to outdoors and nature, emotional venting through journalling - those might help! :) 

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