06:34 PM | 28-08-2018

Hi guys! I am down with fever. Gradually going up n going to touch 102. Pain in the throat n body. Any suggestion?

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3 Answers

01:15 PM | 19-11-2018

For pain in the throat, take steam regularly. You could also gargle with warm water and honey. I find it more soothing than salt which can actually cause more irritation if there is an infection inside. Don’t eat any cooked food, non-veg, fish, grains. Ideally you should go completely on raw foods. There are a lot of recipes of salads, smoothies and juices on this website for ideas. When fever goes down, and appetite returns continue to be high on raw foods i.e fruits, raw vegetable salads, raw vegetable juices. You could lightly steam vegetables and eat it mixed with nice herbs, like sprinkle of pudina, dhaniya etc. Introducing no grain meals, so yes khichdi is out! You could instead go for millets.

01:14 PM | 19-11-2018

Fever is a defence mechanism of body through which it clears the blood on an infection. So viewed that way, it’s your body’s way of healing you. Have full faith in the body’s healing capacity and try as far as possible not to interfere with it through suppression of symptoms. Fever indicates that the acidic levels of body is high so in terms of food you should focus on alkalizing foods. Which means processed foods, market bought foods are out. Instead, take ample fruits. Take fruits in morning and evening both, and very high dose. No grains, no dairy and no non-veg during this period will also ensure you recover faster as these are heavy digesting foods. Conserving energy is key, so eating foods which are easily digestible is important. If you feel like having cooked foods, only incorporate soups that too with some raw vegetable salad.

01:13 PM | 19-11-2018

Even I had same symptoms. Mix some haldi, adrak n honey and take it atleast 4 times a day.. I also took a lemon concoction, half a lemon squeezed with very little water. But no cooked food. N I also took sunlight for 15 minutes everyday.

Had fruits, lots of them in morning until 12 n then vegetable juice n 1 time cooked meal which I dropped when fever touched 102.5. N fruits n salad until night n before sleeping, almonds, or coconut for sure. Rest and allow your magical  body to heal. The supreme intelligence of the body is at work. Do cold towel on your forehead if you feel uncomfortable. But please thank your body for the wonderful work it is doing in healing you and don't worry about the temperature. You will be fine.

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