09:30 AM | 26-03-2019

It is said that curd and dal make a bad combination. But we’ve been eating dahi vada since ages, we don’t fall sick!! Is this true?

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3 Answers

12:35 PM | 26-03-2019

The progress to good health or bad health doesn't happen in a day. It is the result of small, daily digressions from nature's laws. An occasional indulgence won't matter, what we do on a daily basis matters more.

Another point to remember is that health is not only about food but also other aspects like outdoor time, deep breathing, calmness of mind, exercise etc.

05:19 PM | 28-03-2019

Hi. I would suggest you to look at it this way - Some foods immediately make you fall sick, for eg: let's say spoilt food. Most of the others don't, but does that mean they are healthy? For eg: Chips or biscuits or chocolates or sugar :-)

Our body has great powers to cope with whatever burden we put on it. It treats us like its master whom it always has to please. But in the longer run, it starts wearing out when it has to continuously work so hard and that's when we start getting sick.  

02:30 PM | 26-03-2019

Do read the following article to understand more about food combinations:


Yes, you are right! And just like dahi-wada there are many other dishes that have been a part of our growing up years. But then what I want to draw your attention to is the fact that until just a few years back these dishes were delicacies that were prepared in homes only once in a while, maybe on festivals or special occasions. However, in today's world of Swiggy and Zomato, anything can be ordered anytime. Hence making it much more frequent. The body can deal with rare exceptions. But if the same becomes a common practice it is likely to have an adverse effect on our body. 

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