10:00 AM | 14-05-2019

Hi! We are all hearing so much about the ill-effects of gadgets and radiations on our body. However, these are so much a part of our daily lives and even our children are not spared. I was wanting to check with others in this community, what are some measures you people are taking to at least minimize these ill-effects?

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09:43 AM | 13-03-2019

Key is balance and moderation.

If we are mindful we can protect ourselves yet benefit from the technology.

Sharing the personal changes I have made:

Switch off wi-fi if not being used
Use headphones ( not bluetooth headphone) or speaker for long calls
Always keep mobile at a distance from the body while sleeping (6-7 ft)
Try to do digital fast for 1 day in a fortnight

07:03 PM | 13-03-2019

Oh, I am going to try a digital detox once in a fortnight too


02:35 PM | 14-05-2019

Dear friend, as a mother of two I agree & can relate to your concern. Children are vulnerable and get hooked to gadgets easily. It goes on the extent of being an addiction! What I try to with my kids:

- keep them busy in different activities.

- try to minimize my own use of mobile phone, especially when kids are around (remember they imitate us)

- ensure some time is spent outdoors

- switch off the wi-fi at night

09:05 AM | 13-03-2019

Hi! You may find it helpful to read the following article on Digital Detox



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