12:00 PM | 19-03-2019

Hi! My sister has a tendency to develop stones in her kidney. She has already had 3 re-occurrences. We were able to get rid of the stones through the urinary passage. However, it’s a very painful process. Recently, she started developing similar symptoms again! It’s very scary. I am wondering why stones happen and is there any way to stop them from forming again and again!! Plz help.

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11:02 AM | 22-03-2019

I congratulate for rightly identifying this as a symptom, not the cause!

That’s a clue indeed.

The discomforting health conditions are SYMPTOMS only.

Whenever we endeavour to get rid of ONLY the symptoms, it amounts to suppressions.

Suppressions are nothing but alienation of the symptoms for some time.

The symptom reoccurs or gets surfaced in other form(s) of symptom(s), unless the CAUSE is addressed for its CURE.

The cause is a state of LACK OF CONSERVED VITALITY* due to knowing/unknowing and useless engagements of the vitality of the individual in terms of the physical, physiological and psychological involvements.

Due to lack of conserved vitality, the individual suffers reduced output from the body which leads to the accumulation of toxin. In Pure Nature Cure, it is called as TOXAEMIA.

Stone formation is always resulted due to repeated suppression of the toxaemic condition.

The recurrence of the stone formation is obvious if the individual does not reverse the lifestyle factors towards the better habit of RESTING or CONSERVATION OF VITALITY.

RIGHT HABIT OF RESTING is the solution towards conservation of vitality.

  • RESTING PSYCHOLOGICALLY, as much as possible.


Which would lead to reversal of the cause, naturally.

CONSCIOUS CONSISTENT CONSERVATION OF VITALITY* is the only route towards holistic wellness. This can happen in the following adoptions.




You may also check our recent article on the above* terminology, in case you are new to the Pure Nature Cure science. You may join next batch of PSYsolution’s course on NATURE & LIFE to strengthen your understanding about this science and philosophy. You can APPLY HERE.

Thank you...

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05:26 PM | 19-03-2019

Kidneys are one of the 5 major excretory organs with a vital function in the body. They clean the blood atleast 300 times per hr. They excrete the metabolic waste from the blood including medicines and bad food wastes. People who consume meds stimulants like tea coffee tax their kidneys considerably. Wastes like urea Uric acid creatinin and byproduct’s of metabolic waste from excess proteins , excess salts, excess sugar ( due to sugar or carb metabolism that did not get used by the cells in cases of diabetes and glycosuria( expelling glucose from urine), excess acids from the blood that was generated to keep the blood alkaline, bad habits like excess water everything is expelled by the kidneys. 

Due to wrong living habits over a long period of time, kidneys filters gets clogged and inflamed and develop congestion. If you don’t wash your tea filter, then imagine what happens to your tea? It remains outside the filter and can’t be filtered to the mug. To remove that plaque, you need to take extra steps isn’t it? So your sister has a lot of waste in the blood that is constantly getting collected and poor filters are still working. If she continues her current living habits of food medicines or various aspects like this, it can lead to CKD or chronic kidney disease and in such cases dialysis will be the only way bcoz a machine will need to filter the blood and be sent back to the body bcoz the kidney have lost their ability to filter. God has been very graceful and gave us 2, but we have been misusing his generosity. It’s very important that she realises that her lifestyle has to change drastically - 180degree ulta direction to recover from this condition and it’s definitely possible. We hardly have cases who have naturally recovered from a dialysis level, but we do have people who have recovered from stones. .

So like I said kidneys gets inflamed ( swollen ) and bleeding can also happen. Stones and other injuries are common.

This is an occurrence where the inhibitors of the formation of crystals are not present or have been less because of living conditions. So this pebble-like concentration is usually composed of mineral salts. Such people in the initial stages if their urine was collected as a sample would have found pus and blood also. Gravels can also be seen. It’s not an overnight symptom when she experienced this even for the first time. Stones have continued to become larger and larger. In many cases, these are passed via the bladder. Until it reaches the bladder there is a pain and once it’s in the bladder pain reduces. Sometimes if lifestyle is not changed the stone can become bigger and bigger to even come to the badder. These damage the mucosa lining in the kidneys .

Getting to remove the stones via lithotripsy or dissolving it or via surgery is violent ways of addressing the problem because the body condition is still capable of producing stones because the blood is still toxic and thick. Many such methods of removing the stones Can leave behind some residue that can poke and damage the walls of the ureter pipe too.

Food changes

Tomato is not bad even if it has oxalis acid and even if medical doc says calcium oxalate is bad. Same with spinach. Plant based minerals don’t harm the kidneys as opposed to man made junk in which oxalate could be present such as chocolates. Avoid stimulants like hing too. Adviced to avoid pain meds and bear the pains while this treatment is on bcoz even meds come back to the kidneys to get filtered and we are trying to remove the old meds and such junk. So adding more is adding fuel to the fire. 

Please be on the following juices - don’t take too much water to overload the system. But advices to stay only on natural juices and tender coconut or juices ground in tender coconut and filtered such as below. 

Please have cucumber / kaakdi + Karela or bittergourd + tomato mix juice once a day say 100ml in the morning 

Juice of ash gourd / Durva grass ( used for Ganesh Pooja ) , banana stem / bilwa leaf . 

Soft fruits 

Alternate cold and hot pack for sometime and then cold pack must be given at the end of it all together for 20-30mins

The above is till all the pains subsides for 1-2 days. 

After that, avoid meat diary ( milk tea coffee curd ghee paneer cheese butter ) sugar jaggery salt ( use moderately in cooked only) , outside packaged foods, sweets , oily foods , maida, refined oils , white rice , unpolished foods, wheat , maida 

Start with a green leafy juice mixed with a watery vegetable like cucumber or ashgourd in the morning with ginger and lime- one big glass say 200ml 

Fruits for breakfast till 12. 

Vegetable salads with lots of greens and no nuts for lunch 

Mildly spiced cooked gluten free oil free meal 30% grains and 70% veggies. 

She will be better once this is done 

10:20 AM | 20-03-2019

Excellent answer and it addresses the root cause and provides ways to address it

07:04 PM | 19-03-2019

Hi. I understand that kidney stone can be very painful. To get relief from pain you can do hot pack and cold pack alternatively. Do hot pack for 3 minutes, immediately followed by cold pack for 1 min - repeat this cycle 4-5 times & then end with a cold pack for half an hour. I learnt this from Acharya Mohan Gupta's book, it has a small chapter on kidney stones.

Plus there are diet changes you will have to strictly follow, as others here have suggested. You may want to consult Acharya Mohan one on one so that he can handhold you through the process.

07:04 PM | 19-03-2019

Hi! Whether it is stones or any other problem or disease in the body, I try to look at it from natures’ point of view. To understand why any disease is happening (stones are forming in your sister’s case), we must start from the fact that the body is designed to work towards staying healthy. So, any disease or problem that we face is actually the body’s mechanism to restore an imbalance and eliminate toxins. Our body has an acidic-alkaline balance termed pH. And this balance leans towards alkaline side.

Due to many reasons, such as processed foods, lack of sleep & rest, lack of air & sunlight, intake of acidic residue foods such as milk, non-veg and external factors such as stress and emotions, the acidic levels keep increasing. The body first tries to throw away these toxins. However, when unable to do so it starts storing them, mostly in places/organs where it will not interfere with the body’s functioning.

So in that sense, when suffering from a disease or its symptoms we need to help the body restore its ph balance and make it alkaline instead of acidic. Some ways to do so are:

  • Shift to eating more of raw & plant-based foods (fruits, veggies, raw salads, juices etc.)
  • Eating in the right combination, at the right time (as per body’s natural cycle)
  • Eliminating high acid residue foods such as milk, wheat, non-veg, refined foods (maida, white sugar, refined oil etc.) as they create a load on the body.

07:00 PM | 19-03-2019

Formation of stones in the kidney is an example of how beautifully nature has designed our body to ensure optimal functioning! The body is intelligent enough to prioritise primary organs (like the brain, heart) over secondary organs (like kidney, gall-bladder, uterus etc). So, when there is a high level of toxic material in our body, it gets deposited as stones and the body chooses to let these stones be stored in the secondary organs. You may get rid of the stones on the first occurrence, but if you allow toxins to get deposited inside your body due to wrong eating habits and other lifestyle patterns it becomes a cyclical process.

Once the stone is already formed, you need to support the body to cleanse the toxins and hence get rid of the stones. This can happen when the body is given a break from digestion and can thus focus on cleansing. Digestive rest can be given by eating very high amount of raw food (if possible completely raw) and intake of nourishing liquids like veggie juices. No dairy, salt, processed foods, oil, sugar, non-veg for a few weeks. Strict discipline for some time will allow the body to cleanse and hence heal.

It a great relief once you get rid of the stones. But is equally important to make important lifestyle changes in the long run. This will ensure you break the cycle of getting stones again and again.

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