08:54 AM | 01-08-2020

Which all eatable herbs one can easily grow organically at home?

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5 Answers

09:39 AM | 03-08-2020


Our Indian cooking has always been rich in spices and herbs, the reason in the small amount they are introduced in our diet from traditional time is to keep our immunity high and the dosage is always maintained in them. To start with there are 5 regularly used herbs which can be easily grown at home.

1. Holy basil: The reason tulsi, has been on the prime list because of its abundant medicinal property not only is helpful by ingestion but tulsi leaves are known t increase the vibrational level of the house and keep the air in the house with good oxygen supply.

Tulsi helps in dealing with cold, cough, gastric issues and keep lung vital capacity healthy.

The tulsi plant should be placed under complete sun to grow well.

2. Mint: Be its anti-microbial agent or helping in boosting immunity and bad breath issues. Chewing 5-6 mint eaves after every meal keeps digestion healthy and breath problems away. It can be easily grown at home.

Though it grows well in the winter season as it has been more beneficial and faster in growth during that time of the year, it should be kept under complete sunlight.

3. Coriander:It is always a part of our garnishing system, it helps in increasing our eyesight accuracy and loaded with all forms of vitamins. You can easily make it a part of your kitchen garden. The accurate temperature and time to grow coriander are winters and it grows well if kept in the partial shade of sun rather than full coverage.

4. Fenugreek leaves: They are easy to grow and completely hassle-free, fenugreek leaves are beneficial for conditions like diabetes and help in enhancing overall health by boosting blood circulation due to its rich iron content.

Make sure the watering of these plants is at normal temperature rather than more than required. It can be mostly grown at any time of the year. Full sunlight coverage is healthy.

Hopefully, it helps,

Thank you

09:38 AM | 03-08-2020

Amongst herbs which can be easily grown at home are Tulsi, Basil, Lemongrass and curry leaf. All these have curative healing properties. Tulsi and Lemongrass have anti-viral properties and they are used for cold, cough and fever. They are both curative and preventive. Many people are not aware that curry leaf helps in healing digestive disorders and weight loss. They are rich in anti oxidants.Basil is very useful for oral health, relieving acidity and have anti bacterial properties.

Besides this entire range of microgreens can be grown at home. Micro Greens are nutritional powerhouses. Please refer to 

09:36 AM | 03-08-2020

सलाह - बेसिल, लेमन ग्रास, करी पत्ता, धनिया पत्ता, अजवायन, पुदीना, तुलसी, चीव्स ये घर में आसानी से उगाए जाने वाले हर्ब्स हैं।
पूरे साल इसे आप अपने किचन गार्डन में उगा सकते हैं।



प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली प्रशिक्षिका व मार्गदर्शिका (Nature Cure Guide & Educator)

09:35 AM | 03-08-2020

Hello Sumeet
You can try your hands on mint, basil, curry leaves, fennel seeds and coriander. They grow fast and easily too.

09:34 AM | 03-08-2020

Anyone can grow basil, fenugreek and various kind of microgreens.

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