06:39 PM | 28-08-2018

Hello. I am pregnant. I am experiencing day long nausea & loss of appetite. I'm concerned as i should be eating more rather than eating less!!

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3 Answers

11:51 AM | 19-11-2018

Keep your meal portions small. Incorporate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Be sure to eat fruits alone, not mixed with other meal items. Also do know, that nature has designed procreation in such a way that, at this moment your baby will derive all the nourishment from your reserves.  So the eating is to replenish your reserves. The nausea is a phase, and feel reassured that desire to eat will come back, which is when the baby needs real nourishment.

11:51 AM | 19-11-2018

Nausea and pregnancy go hand in hand.  All would-be mothers go through it; some more others less. From body’s point of view, nausea is a sign that it doesn’t want to engage too much in digestion, as it wants to conserve and direct its energies elsewhere.

For day long nausea increase your fruits amply. This does help battle nausea well. Also remember, fruits are great way to energise, take less energy to digest.  Try this for a few days and see - From waking up till lunch time till noon be on fruits, fruit pulps, dry fruits. 2 hours post lunch till dinner ie evening snack time again be only on fruits, dry fruits and pulps. The portions of foods is not an issue, go by what your body is saying but eat healthy.

10:34 AM | 17-09-2018

When in doubt go with fruit, that’s the mantra, and that works very well during the pregnancy too, when the body has immense nausea.  I remember, I struggled a lot during 1st trimester with bad vomiting.  I could not keep any food down.  I would force a lot of food, and by evening everything will come out. Then I switched to having more fruits, and it did help!

I would take fruits, fruit smoothies (without milk) and soaked dry fruits in first half of the day. I kept my main meals small portion.  Added the needed nuts and whole legumes in there. Evening again was all fruits. Since that was August time, I craved for and ate a lot of Guavas.  And it helped.

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