09:10 AM | 15-05-2019

Hi! I am a mother of two and like most other mother I am also very conscious about my kid’s nutrition. Off late there has been a lot of buzzword regarding purity of milk. But I am confused what to do - milk is adulterated, if we stop giving milk where do children get the required calcium from?

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02:34 PM | 14-05-2019

I can so relate to your confusion and concern. I have also gone through the dilemma of milk myself. While I was able to abstain from milk when it came to me, but for kids, it was a tough call! After reading and researching a lot I started with a little experiment and in my case, it worked, sharing the same with you. I decided to stop milk and other milk products for my kids, for about 3 months to see what impact it had on them. And to my surprise, I did see some positive changes coming in just by removing milk from their diet. My son, who would catch a cold easily seemed to become more resistant, overall immunity surely increased. My daughter’s skin rashes stopped getting worse. And a general feeling of gas/bloatedness just vanished! Now, its been about 8 months that we have stopped consuming milk products as a family. I have increased the intake of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds to ensure we are not missing out on nutrition (including calcium).

08:52 PM | 20-05-2019

Now days the milk contains lot of hormones as to increase the production, not good for Healthy growth.Can use curd and fresh coconut greated n make milk by blending the coconut in blender and also can make almonds , peanuts, sesame seeds and other seeds like melon , water melon, cucumber n pumpkin seeds milk etc ,very easy to digest n very nutritious also.

08:23 AM | 17-05-2019

Go to www.nomilk.com and make an informed choice. There is nothing that our body cannot make except sunlight (Vit D) and bacteria (B12) present in fermented food.

The most adulterated food in today's environment is Dairy Milk, just stop it. Get the calcium from the food like the horses and elephants. Vegetables and fruits are the best.

10:19 AM | 16-05-2019

Hi! Do read the following blog regarding dairy, in our body wisdom section:


10:56 AM | 14-05-2019

Hi! Please do follow the thread to a similar query here

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