05:04 PM | 30-05-2019

There is this conception of Hot and cold food. It is said that cold foods are the ones like banana, curd,etc. Hot foods include Ragi, Bajra. Is this conception scientifically true?

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3 Answers

10:51 PM | 30-05-2019

It’s a myth. When we have boils or burning sensation in the eyes / stomach etc we say body has heated up and top ourselves with buttermilk or some juices etc, but these are body’s ways of eliminating toxins accumulated in the skin and ways of body saying that the stomach needs a break from oily foods/ foods with diary / sugar etc. if body is fed natural food more, it stays in balance and itknows how to stay in balance. We don’t have to manage with what’s believed to be hot and cold foods. The more raw foods ( fruits vegetables and greens ) are taken in and more wrong foods are avoided ( diary milk curd ghee butter cheese paneer ) sugar packaged foods, people stay healthy in winter or summer equally. Thanks and let us know if you have more doubts 

10:51 PM | 30-05-2019

Different medical systems do propagate the hot and cold foods and when you assess them in the context that they have explained,it is true too. Like in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

But from my experience of nature cure every food  gives energy. And when you are following a natural lifestyle, there’s no such thing as effect of hot and cold. The only thing that happens is iif you have toxins in your body, they will come out. If not you eat any fruit or vegetables or grain for that matter you will just be fine. 

Stay happy and stay healthy always 

Swati Dhariwal 


01:50 PM | 31-05-2019

Actually the language of hot and cold for stomach is acidic and basic food contents in food that alters the physiological working like absorption rate and gastric emptying. This is the theory behind this hot and cold classified food. 

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