06:51 PM | 28-08-2018

My lips & skin are feeling very dry. What can be done?

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3 Answers

12:13 PM | 20-11-2018

Hi all, our bodies signal even the minutest one is actually body’s greatest communication tool. It is telling you that you need to do some correction. Our body maintains an acid-alkaline balance, and every time we put more load on the body through wrong foods, late hours, no time to rest and repair, and no time for outdoors activity the body accumulates a lot of acidity called toxins. Dry skin and dry lips is a clear indication that you need to up your raw to create that much needed balance.

Creams and oils, will only provide external relief but root cause remains same that body needs internal hyrdration at cellular level.  Along with these you need to figure out what is causing all the ‘drying up’ i.e lack of rest, lack of proper sleep, too much ‘ontime’, too much gadget time, too less time in sunlight and fresh air.  You may eat all the right foods yet, all these factors may will increase your acidic levels and thus reduce the good impact of hydrating foods.

Here are few immediate actions you may take: 

  • Eating more raw, fresh, whole plant based foods.  You can read about it here.

  • Eating in accordance to Circadian Rhythm of body. You can read about it here.

  • Sunlight and breathing are two easiest, natural and most effective way to create alkaline reserves within body and to support body to clean up effectively. So increase your time for both. Start slow, 15 minutes daily. Increase it slowly and steadily.

  • Sleeping & resting: Allow enough downtime to your body.  Reduce the load of gadgets as they also consume your energy and increase acidic load. Give yourself enough downtime in evening towards night to ensure body continues to be in rhythm of nature.  


11:45 AM | 19-11-2018

Hi many times the changing weather creates different ‘adjustment’s within body and more itchiness and dry skin.  I have mostly dry skin. I changed my lifestyle quite significantly. I incorporated ample doses of fruits, raw vegetables and juices in my intake.  I also reduced intake of hydration leaching foods such as milk, grains, and non veg. When consuming them I ensure I increase my intake of raw foods.  Yet my skin continues to be on dry side (It was worse earlier!)

I have moved to no soap baths.  I do not apply a lot of chemical cosmetic  products.

For immediate relief, you can use some natural no chemical lip balm for immediate relief – Natuur lip balms work well.  Can be ordered online. Vilvah, Kama, forest essentials are some other brand names.

For long term relief you have to adopt the lifestyle changes esp in Food aspect:

  1. Increase intake of raw foods as they are the easiest for the body to digest. Only when body is free from the work of ‘digestion’ will it be able to focus on getting good hydration, and nutrition to other parts including hair and skin.  
  2. Eat a generous serving of fruits in morning & evening. Eat a generous serving of raw vegetable salad with every cooked meal.
  3. Reduce intake of refined & processed foods, including white sugar, refined salt, refined oil, packaged foods, etc. – you will be surprised by how processed food has entered our daily intake. This step will require specific actions from your side to get back to nature.

11:41 AM | 04-09-2018

Dry skin indicates your body has high level of acidity in comparison to alkalinity. Body is throwing out acid in the form of dryness. Increase intake of alkaline foods such as fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, dry fruits. Reduce cooked food. Stop sugar, iodised salt, dairy, wheat, oil, processed & packaged foods. This will increase alkaline levels in your body & the alkaline-acid balance will come into place.

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