12:14 PM | 06-01-2021

I was diagnosed with thyroid papillary carcinoma in August 2019. I was about to get my total thyroid removed, when a friend of mine suggested Ayurvedic medicines. Been taking medicines since then-till date. The lumps is lil reduced but can see another new small lump next to it. 'M I in dangerous situation? Should I continue with natural way or go for operation??

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11:30 AM | 07-01-2021


We totally empathise with your concern regarding your health condition. 

Given the background of the problem you have shared, we would suggest that you take one-on-one consultation from a Nature Cure expert. You could share the nature of the problem and other things in detail and get guidance accordingly. We can help you connect with a Nature Cure expert if you want. You could mail us at info@wellcure.com. Do mention the city you reside in.

Wishing you good health!

Team Wellcure

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