03:10 PM | 10-02-2021

I am 35 years, recently diagnosed Ischemic Dementia. Few parts in my brain white matter has dried due to less supply of blood. How to cure brain dimnetia?

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2 Answers

02:58 PM | 11-02-2021

Vascular dementia means that your brain is not getting enough blood supply at some parts and the part is dying slowly because of lack of blood and oxygen – which is leading to memory loss.


  • Confusion
  • Trouble paying attention and concentrating
  • Reduced ability to organize thoughts or actions
  • Decline in ability to analyze a situation, develop an effective plan and communicate that plan to others
  • Difficulty deciding what to do next
  • Problems with memory
  • Restlessness and agitation
  • Unsteady gait (walking pattern)
  • Depression or apathy

There are many risk factors in developing vascular dementia like

  • Increasing age – But your age is only 35. So, we have to consider other factors
  • Stroke - because of blocked artery in brain
  • Obesity
  • Smoking - can cause stroke
  • Diabetes - contribute in stroke
  • High blood pressure -can cause stroke
  • High cholesterol -can cause stroke
  • Atherosclerosis -Abnormal aging of blood vessels
  • History of heart attack, strokes or ministrokes
  • Atrial fibrillation.- abnormal heart rhythm

Once the brain damage is done it is very hard to reverse back the dead brain cells, but we can improve our lifestyle and be under constant surveillance to prevent further damage

Prevention– remove the risk factors and treat it

  • Quit smoking - Smoking tobacco damages blood vessels everywhere in your body. Quit all forms of tobacco intake, smoking, chewing, etc.
  • Get physical exercise - Regular physical activity should be a key part of your routine, but work with a licensed physiotherapist/ naturopathy physician to decide the right kind of exercises for you
  • Keep your cholesterol in check – Eat a plant-based diet, Go Vegan, remove nonveg and dairy products from your diet
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure. Keeping your blood pressure in the normal range may help prevent both vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Prevent or control diabetes – if present

Get these lab investigations regularly done

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • CT/MRI – At frequent intervals

Natural management

  • Challenge your brain with games, puzzles and new activities, such as an art class or listening to new music - There is a term called as neuroplasticity – which means the healthy part of the brain might be trained to do the lost function. So, there is always some hope.
  • Drink enough water – Keep yourself enough hydrated
  • Participate in regular physical activity as told earlier
  • Eat healthy - Eat a plant-based diet, Go Vegan, remove nonveg and dairy products from your diet, avoid inflammatory food such as carbonated drinks., tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks., dairy products and animal foods, processed and packaged food items, Avoid refined oils, refined grains, and refined sugars.

Eat a diet rich in anti-inflammatory substances like turmeric, pineapple, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, local and seasonal fruits and good brain-building lipids – nuts and seeds

  • Try to maintain an ideal weight
  • Engage in social activities
  • Do Yoga – Asanas, pranayama, chanting, trataka, meditations
  • Essential oils - lavender, bergamot and lemon balm, can help calm the patient and suppress aggression, agitation, and other psychotic symptoms in patients with dementia.

06:40 PM | 15-02-2021

Thanks doctor for this details. I feel dizzy all the time and the same symptoms you mentioned is what I'm experiencing. I never drink or smoke. One problem is my breath pattern is sluggish and short not smooth and long. My sleep quality is very poor. I do nadi sondhan pranayama and few asanas but not able to make good sleep. I am taking patanjali ayurved medicine since 2weeks but no improvement in my sleep quality though.

Dr. Stuti Gupta

07:09 PM | 15-02-2021

Do deep breathing 10 counts in every half hour, put some lavender essential oil on your pilow at the night before sleeping.

12:28 PM | 15-02-2021

Hello Amit, 

Vascular dementia is a general term describing problems with reasoning, judgment, memory and other thought process caused by brain damange from impaired blood flow to your brain. 
Lack of blood flow means improper blood circulation. Diet along with the physical activity is essential for a good blood circulation in the while body.

Here are some habits to adapt to improve overall health.

Quit smoking
Smoking highly interferes with the blood circulation and is becomes the main cause for improper blood circulation and other health issues also. Hence, it is best to quit smoking.

Avoid alcohol 
Alcohol is responsible for many health issues including nervous problems, blood pressure issues, etc. So, kindly say no to alcohol.

Yoga is the best way to improve blood circulation in every part of the body. However, there are some specific asanas for blood circulation improvement.

  • Practice shirsha asana or ardha shirsha asana. It is the best asana for improving blood circulation specially to the head.
  • Practice bhramri pranayam regularly and also anulom-vilom pranayam. It relaxes the nerves and gives a soothing effect to mind.
  • Do 10 to 12 sets of suryanamaskar regularly. It will help to improve the blood circulation in the whole body.


  • Have only plant based natural foods in your diet.
  • Drink freshly prepared homemade fruit juices. 
  • Have beetroot juice.
  • Consume fresh green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. 
  • Have almond milk and coconut water. 
  • Include salads, sprouts, nuts and beans in your diet. 


Sleep is also an essential part for a healthy body. A good sleep cycle is important for a maintained circadian rhythm and hormonal balance. So, take a proper sleep of atleast 7-8hours daily. Sleep early at night and also wake up early in the morning. 

Thank you 

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