02:10 PM | 04-06-2019

Is it harmful to drink water after eating watermelon or is it a myth?

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4 Answers

08:38 PM | 23-02-2021

So the question is can we drink water after eating watermelon.

It is suggested that one should consume water  only after 1 hour of consuming fruits especially one with high water content watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, orange and strawberry as they disturb the pH levels(level of acidity And alkalinity) of the digestive system.

08:41 PM | 23-02-2021

There is no scientific evidence in modern medicine that proves that we should avoid drinking water after watermelon. 

Although with my clinical experience of working on the diets of multiple patients, I have seen that having too much of any liquid after eating a watermelon often leads to diarrhoea, bloating and sometimes vomitting also. 

So its best to avoid doing the same. Watermelon is itself an extremely water rich food, so one doesnt really feel the need of drinking water after it.

08:43 PM | 23-02-2021

In this heat watermelon is an extremely good choice to combat the heat. It is not at all harmful in any way if you are drinking water after watermelon juice. Though watermelon itself is quite hydrated enough.

.Stay hydrated.

08:45 PM | 23-02-2021

Sharing you the solution reagarding can we drink water after eating watermelon.

Usually we all know that we should not have water immediately after a meal as it can slow down digestion and cause other digestive problems.

similarly after having any fruits, especially water content fruits such as watermelon, muskmelon, pears, cucumber has high content of water can leads to increase blood sugar
level in the body. This happens when digestive system gets slow down and causes a surge in insulin.

It is adviced that, once you have any fruits, always consume water after an hour time for better digestion.
Always note that, when digestive function is proper, no health issues will occur. All health issues main indication is weak digestive system.

Some people has the habbit of eating or drinking juice will go for a sleep, which is not good for health.. That leads to headache and migrane attack. 


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