06:50 PM | 05-06-2019

I have a lot of acidity and bloating issues for many years now.. I often take antacids for the same.. Give some tips to deal with this

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06:59 PM | 05-06-2019

Digestive Acids

1. Following four golden principles of drinking water is the key to all stomach issues and they are:-

  (a) Always drink water which is at body temperature, neither chill nor hot.

  (b) Always sit down before drinking water.

  (c) Always sip water like a bird, never gulp it down.

  (d) Drink water 40 minutes before meals and two hours after meals. No water during meals.

2. Always eat 50% of your meal as salad and raw vegetables.

3. Minimum five hours of gap between two meals. Ideal is to have only two meals a day.

4. Dinner two hours before you sleep, best is 7.30 PM.

Taking antacids will worsen the problem in long run though momentarily they will provide relief.

08:26 AM | 06-06-2019
  • Some of the ways through which you can reduce the problem is by adopting good and healthy practices like Going for a  or try different yoga poses as each pose somewhere or the other benefits our body parts especially cure the problems related to GIT.
  • Peppermint can be useful to avoid Indigestion and related gas along with that abdominal massage often works out 
  • Apple cider vinegar,ginger and fennel seeds usage also contributes positively.
  • The use of cumin in the dishes also removes the bloating problems and consider aloe vera too.
  • Consumption of Papaya is fruitful as the papain in it stimulates digestion.
  • On the top of it some on the table information like chewing the food properly ,eat small and frequent meals,sitting up straight after a meal, walking after a meal, and drinking room temperature beverages thereafter.

08:29 AM | 06-06-2019

Acidity problem have been seen in a large proportion in Indian society. This is directly linked to eating patterns and type of food you consume however it varies from individual to individual based on their body's physiological function. You mentioned about the antacid but they only provide symptomatic relief for some time .

  •  Try to have complex carbohydrates like potatoes,  ensure that they are simply boiled not fried. 
  • Having fresh fruits like apple and banana will lower the acidic content. 
  • Say no to highly fried or junk food. 
  • Do not remain empty stomach  for long time especially have a proper breakfast. 
  • Do not drink water during the meal. 

One home remedy is take 50 grams of munakka(a type of raisin) and 25 gram of fennel , grind them properly and soak the mixture in lukewarm water for  one day. Strain it in the next morning and have the liquid. 



08:31 AM | 06-06-2019

This response is in line with the Pure Nature Cure (PNC).
In PNC, the remedies are never recommended. In PNC, the causal analysis is opted always.
To know more about PNC, you can study this series.

Hi Subham,

Tips to SUPPRESS or tips to CURE?
Suppression can happen instantly, Cure would require your consistent cognitive involvements.
In this non-resting fast age, we are in a habit of not involving our cognition with our health problem! We need to understand the CAUSES of the experienced symptoms.

The voice of the organism:
The toxin formation is indicated through the irritation that you are experiencing!
You need to start conserving your VITALITY to expel the toxins being formed in your body.
Conservation of VITALITY can happen in various ways; the easiest starting point is CHANGING YOUR FOOD to the simplest form of food, which are direct access to the Sunlight, Fresh Air, Natural water primarily in the forms of fruits and raw based diet of fruits, vegetables and little portion of nuts and cooked food, on a regular basis.

To attain consistency in the conservation of vitality, you need to inculcate regular stretchable exercises, right patterns of sleep which should start closer to 9 pm, conscious care of your spine and the last but not the least, your mental poise conserves a lot of vitality.

Opting medicine is nothing but suppressing the symptoms which is nothing but strangulating your own inner voice which is programmed to assist you to bring homeostasis in your health and wellness.

Thank you...

08:30 AM | 06-06-2019

First of all, if you are on animal products, processed foods like sugar, oils etc, gut will be compromised. In a compromised state even the healthiest of fruits will seem to give you a bloated feeling. So the best to understand that the first step is to remove all the unwanted foods like diary, meat , eggs, sugar, wheat , maida , rawa , wheat products, packaged foods, fried, sweets etc 

Go on a tender coconut diet for 3 days. If you crave to eat, have only fruits. Start taking a water enema daily once after the normal potty. 

This will clear and give some room to breathe and digestion to slow down and clear the existing junk. 

The next step is to put only raw all day and majorly juices from veggies and eat fruits and greens all day and in the night , include a handful of millet and more steamed veggies. All foods must not contain any oil forever. Do get back to us to understand how oilfree cooking is done. We suggest that you stay on a fruit and veg salad juices diet for 10-15 days and then add grains for dinner only.  This will help. 

08:28 AM | 06-06-2019


To heal the digestive system you need to give it ample rest. 

1 Stop eating over processed foods. Like cooked,  fried  or food made by complicated process. All foods fresher and closer to its natural form would be the easiest for your stomach to digest. 

Fresh local seasonal fruits would be best choice. Followed by veggies and greens.  Start your first meal as late in the morning as possible. And eat only when hungry. Never over eat. Finish your last meal before sunset.

2 connect with nature. Spend time out doors with nature. Sun, fresh air and the Mother Earth are  also your source of energy so embrace them with open arms. 

3 Sleep well. Be calm and happy. Check your bowel movement, it must be regular.

4 During the healing when ever there is bloating or burning sesnsation you may use a hip bath. If not you could go for a wet wrap around your stomach to calm down the acids for the time being. 

Be healthy be happy always 

Swati Dhariwal 


08:28 AM | 06-06-2019

Management for acidity
1)drink Ash gourd juice on each alternate day. 
2) take excess amount of fiber rich diet in your food
3)avoid taking ice cold water because it will imbalance the action of digestive juice. So hot water is good.
4)jeera water also good to relieve acidity
5)observe in your condition whats the cause of gastritis? I mean whether it may due to skipping meals, less fiber intake, any aggrevating food factors (spicy, oily, fried, non veg). Prevention is better than cure so please understand the cause and eliminate it.
6)drink atleast 2-3 ltr of water /day
7)abdominal exercise daily 
8)stress also one of the cause according to psychoNeurological aspect of research evidence so if your cause in related to this maintain positive mental health with the help of breathing exercise, pranayama (chandranuloma, nadishodana, bhramari), musical and omkara meditation. 

08:27 AM | 06-06-2019

Please write about your food and lifestyle pattern so the correct advice can be given. In the meanwhile, we have several health journeys on acidity on the wellcure website. Please check them. 

10:48 AM | 04-10-2019

Dear health seeker Shubam ,The  root cause of all diseases acidity, acid reflux  or of  total  gastrointestinal  diseases including, is 'Dyspepsia ',whose  management  through  basic nature cure requires  total  discipline and  entire  reforms of  eating habits in general and complete  lifestyle  changes are  warranted. You will have to follow the  eternal laws governing our organism  will  definitely  ensure freedom from all diseases symptoms including  your specific  stomach ailments. Please follow as under:-
   1 ensure to  eat only when sufficient  true  hunger is there to  digest the  food eaten. We must  eat to  live  and not  live to eat 
2.As a  start  drink  any  alkaline  juice either of the following, ashgourd, bilva patra  banana pith. 
  3.Sun bathing in early morning sun for  25 minutes, followed by spinal bath or  full bath 
4..Some simple  yogic  aasanas 
5..A  wet  pack over abdomen for 20 minutes 
   6..Fruit salads or  vegetables salads in  breakfast 
   7..Conservatively  cooked  vegetables and  raw  salads with  enough  coconut scrappings in lunch. 
8...Fruit  juice  at or  around  4PM if  there's  a  sufficiency of  hunger, if not then avoid 
9..Conservatively  cooked  vegetables plus  one or two roti or small quantity of rice 
10..Abdomen wet pack  for  20 minutes 
11,Say your prayers 
12..Sleep on a  hard bed 
13..Needless to  mention that  avoid all  enervating foods and  habits 
   You may take as many months to get rid of your affliction for as many years you are undergoing this  trouble. 
   A  very nice and  healthy life is,  waiting in the wings.
Wish you a healthy and  sublime health 
  V.S.Pawar    MIINT 

02:12 PM | 06-06-2019


If you do not follow proper sleep managment and eating on time. taking stress slowly your system gives health issues.

It is caused when the valve between the esophagus and stomach becomes weak. Avoid Increased intake of tea or coffee, or oily, spicy, or fried foods aggravates Pitta and leads to acidity.

Drink lot of water, eat fruits especially seasonal fruits on regular basis you will see good improvement in your health. Also drink vegetable juice like carrot, beetroot and one amla, filter and drink this juice once in a week to see good improvement. Drink fresh tender coconut water. Do prayanama.

Whenever you drink water always pray for a minute saying that this water should heal your body naturally. You will see positive results.


06:25 PM | 20-08-2020


Hello Namaste 🙏 

Acidity and Treatment


There are many reasons for acidity. Some may be beyond your control.  More common causes are:---

* Drinking inadequate water.

* Drinking water with food.

* Eating unhealthy food and eating frequently.

* Spicy and fatty food.

* Weak JATHARAGNI leading to poor digestion.

* Stressful lifestyle.

* Dispute in the family.

* Too much alcohol

* Followed by Junk food.

* Refined oil and chemically-treated salt.

* Insomnia.

* Lack of exercise.

* During pregnancy.

* Constipation.

2.Symptoms. Common symptoms are:---

* Burning sensation in the stomach.

* Burning in the Chest.

* Burning in throat 

* Sour taste in the mouth.

* Sour water in the mouth on waking up.

* Burping.

* Headache.

* Distended abdomen.

* Smelly farting.

* Heaviness after meals.

3. Management of Acidity.

* Follow Water Therapy 

* Drink ACV and Nimbu Pani.

* Take one teaspoon of Ajwain with warm water.

* Chew Saunf / flannel seeds after every meal.

* Take Coconut Chhach/ Coconut buttermilk black pepper roasted Jeera Powder cinnamon Kala Namak with lunch. 

* Chew pieces of ginger and cloves after meals.

* Drink coconut water.

* Use herbs like Ajwain, Tulsi, Saunf, Jeera, Pudina, and mint.

* Try to avoid chemicals. 

* Keep fast once a week.  

* Start your BF with seasonal fruits.

4. Warning

* Avoid Antacids.

Early treatment will avoid ulcers too.

Thank you

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