03:43 PM | 21-04-2021

How to keep healthy men's penis and sperm?

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04:29 PM | 26-04-2021

Hello Bhawan,

Sperms are made in the testicles. It travels through the reproductive tract and mixes with the fluid that is found in the seminal ducts. Together, the sperm and this fluid make semen, the thick white ejaculate that comes out from the penis.

What can be done for healthy sperms?

By getting a well balanced nutritional diet, taking plenty of rest, drinking enough fluids and keeping stress in check will help.

  • Eat a diet full of whole, nutrient dense foods to foster sperm production. 
  • Exercise regularly. Doing so will help to boost testosterone levels.
  • Try yoga and meditation to lower your stress levels. Stress hormone can have an impact on testosterone levels. 

Things to avoid

  • Stay away from any activities like rough contact sports, that may harm your testes and reproductive tract. 
  • Limit your exposure to radiation.
  • Avoid activities that may expose your testes to high temperatures like sauna bath and steam baths.

Along with this, you need to have a good diet also.


Foods to eat

The food that you eat, 40 to 50% of it should be in raw form. 
If you eat dead food how can expect to be alive. The body has to raise the dead to get the nutrients which means more work needs to be done by the body and hence more pressure is created. 
So, eat raw and fresh food.


Thank you 

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