12:42 PM | 23-04-2021

Hi guys, I am suffering from dandruff and hairfall from 1 year. Please suggest.

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04:28 PM | 26-04-2021

Hello User,

Dandruff is the white scaly substances that are present on the scalp, however, in severe cases, they may also be present on the hairs of eyelashes and around the ears. Dandruff indicates that toxins are also present inside the body. Dandruff also leads to hairfall, itching and sometimes severe hairfall. 

Possible causes for dandruff

Dandruff may result from:

  •  unhygienic conditions.
  • any infection like bacterial infections or fungal infections. 
  • improper lifestyle.
  • using chemical-based products, etc.

Local application 
Apply onion juice on your scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your hair.

  • Take neem leaves and make a paste. Apply this on your hair. Leave it for 30minutes and then wash your hair. This will help to fight against local infections. 
  • Maintain personal hygiene. 
  • Don't share your towel, soaps, clothes with anyone.


  • Drink 2 to 3 glasses of warm water on an empty stomach early in the morning. This will help to eliminate the toxins out of the body. 
  • Have only plant-based natural foods. 
  • Include salads, sprouts, and nuts to your diet.
  • Drink coconut water. 
  • Have fresh, seasonal, and locally available fruits and vegetables. 
  • Use cold-pressed oil for cooking instead of refined oils.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to be hydrated. 
  • Avoid refined grains. Instead, have whole grains like barley, millets, oats, etc.


Yoga is essential for improving blood circulation.

Shirsha asana and ardha shirsha asana helps to improve the blood circulation to the roots of the hairs. So, perform shirsha asana or ardha shirsha asana in the morning. 

Do 12 sets of suryanamaskar regularly. This will help to improve the blood circulation in the whole body.

Take sunrays early in the morning. 


Take proper sleep of at least 7-8 hours daily. Sleep early at night at around 10 pm and also wake up early in the morning at around 6 am. 

Read books before sleeping for an improved quality of sleep. 

Thank you 

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