05:11 PM | 03-06-2021

How to increase height at the age of 21?

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2 Answers

02:19 PM | 14-06-2021

Hello Bhawan,

Normally height is increased upto 18-21 years as the growth plates remain open upto this age and afterwards they get closed. But, there are some exceptions also where the growth plate remains open even after 21 years of age.

Factors on which height depends: 

There are several factors on which the height of a person depends:

  • Genetic.
  • Diet- whether it is nutrional or not.
  • Physical activity. 
  • Any disease or disorder.
  • Hormone balance.
  • Stress.
  • Sleeping pattern. 

Diet to be followed:

  • Have nutritious and balanced diet. 
  • Include salads, nuts, beans, sprouts in your diet.
  • Have fresh fruits and fresh green leafy vegetables. 
  • Drink coconut water. 
  • Have freshly prepared fruit juices like orange juice, pomegranate juice, apple juice. 
  • Have bottle gourd juice. 
  • Have whole grains like barley, millets, oats. 
  • Use coconut oil for cooking. 
  • Replace white sugar with brown sugar. 
  • Have brown rice instead of white rice.

Foods to avoid:

  • Avoid processed foods and packaged foods. 
  • Avoid refined oils. 
  • Say no to refined grains. 
  • Avoid tea and coffee. 
  • Avoid dairy foods like milk, butter, cheese, curd, paneer. 
  • Avoid animal products. 
  • Avoid sugars. 
  • Avoid carbonated drinks. 

Exercise and yoga:

  • Do stretching exercises .
  • Do tada asana, vriksha asana.
  • Do padahasta asana, chakra asana ,bhujanga asana (under an expert's guidance)
  • Do skipping for 10 mins regularly. 
  • Practice hanging in parks.
  • Play outdoor sports like volleyball, basketball.
  • Walk barefoot on grass in the morning. 


  • Correct sleeping pattern is very important to maintain the circadian rhythm and also to maintain hormonal balance. It also relieves stress and keep your mind calm. 
  • Sleep for atleast 7-8 hours regularly. 
  • Sleep at around 10 pm at night and also wake up early in the morning at around 6 am in the morning. 

Thank you.   

01:25 PM | 04-06-2021

Hello Bhawan,

Epiphysis of bone, meaning until the time our bone can grow towards a certain extent is mostly done by the age of 19-21 years for the male. Genetics plays a very important role regarding height and there are several things which must have affected your height. To start with,

  • Not eating right nutrition a diet which is rich in calcium becomes very helpful in terms of diet.
  • Not exercising and outdoor playing is also important, Activities likes running, swimming helps a lot in height growth.
  • Not getting enough sleep is also one of the reason, as not sleeping well means hampering our healthy brain cells.

That is why what is needed is getting a regular active life in order to treat oneself in a holistic way.


Start the day with two-three glasses of warm water, this will help in flushing out the toxins and improve the state of metabolism by increasing it. The next thing is the inclusion of vegetable juice in your breakfast as this will help in giving the right amount of energy for the day. Keep at least two hours gap between your food and your sleep timing at night. You can also choose to have vegetable juice in your breakfast, it is an easier way to absorb all the nutrients.

  • Half tablespoon of 'gond' with warm water is what should be taken two hours after your afternoon meal in order to get a good amount of muscular and bone strength.
  • Consume dried fruits like almond and walnut as they have a good amount of minerals needed for height growth.


  • Taking a brisk walk in the early morning sun rays helps in treating all the problems, as the sun helps in treating the mood and freshens us for the whole day, it stimulates our system and strengthens our immunity. Early morning walk is recommended.
  • Suryanamaskar will help in treating the health issues and will help in dealing with all problems, 12 sets a day is recommendable. If you are a beginner start with 6 and increase it.
  • Bar hanging is really helpful because it helps in allowing the body to lose and initiate healthy growth. You can practice it every morning for 10-15 minutes.
  • Cobra pose, this helps in giving the body a full-length stretch which helps in growth.


To start with having a height smaller than normal can make you anxious and doubt your self-esteem, what we need is a healthy and positive mindset. Remember that it is always your inner beauty and positivity which will reflect and not your height as we know that having good height shows our personality. But having a brain will help you succeed in life. A 15-minute deep relaxation before sleep, take deep breaths and imagine yourself to be healthier and achieve your desire dreams. This will help in the long run.


The sleep is a very important part of treating any mental symptom, a sleep cycle of 90 minutes should be completed in order to get a sound body. This sleep cycle should be repeated 5 times. This makes 7-8 hours of healthy sleep. This will make your body and mind strong and refreshing. Make sure your room is gadget-free an hour before sleep.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help.

Thank you.

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