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Is their advice to reverse a very small umbilical hernia detected in sonography. Its in mm. What exercise and diet is available that it does not get enlarged apart from avoiding constipation.

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01:31 PM | 22-06-2021

Hello User,

A hernia is defined as a bulging organ or fatty tissue through a soft or weak spot in the abdomen. A hernia initially doesn't cause any signs and symptoms but with time the individual may experience nausea, chest pain, inability to swallow food, acid reflux,  etc. When the individual bends, coughs, or stand up the bilge can be felt in the affected area.

What can be done?

Castor oil 

It addresses the stomach problems. Castor oil helps to inhibit the inflammation inside the stomach and promote Proper digestion. Hence, place a castor seed oil pack on the stomach to soothe out the pain and swelling near the affected areas.

Aloe vera juice

It is also useful in easing out some of the symptoms of hernia due to its anti inflammatory properties and soothing abilities. Many people consume aloe vera juice on a regular basis for health benefits. Moreover, to lower the risk of hernia, you can consume aloe vera juice before meals.

Apply ice packs

When you suffer from hernia, there can be pain and inflammation in the abdomen. Ice packs trigger contractions when applied to the affected area and reduce inflammation inside the body. In addition to this, this often gives relief from pain and inflammation. 


Consume concentrated ginger juice or raw ginger to get relief from pain and discomfort in your stomach. It boosts your your health system at the same time.

Black pepper

It promotes healing in those parts of the body which have been compromised when the organ began to push through the cavity wall.

Diet to follow- 

  • Have only plant based natural foods in your diet.
  • Have carrot juice, cabbage juice, chia seeds, and almonds.
  • Include peas, sweet potatoes, green beans in your diet.
  • Consume high fiber foods such as oat meals, whole grains. 
  • Have non citrus  fruits like apples, melons, pears, etc.


Another factor that contributes to the formation of hernia is stress. Excessive stress can put more strain on your metabolism as a whole. So, practice stress reducing activities like yoga, pranayam, meditation. 

Here are some asanas that will be beneficial-

  • Uttanpadasana
  • Uddiyana bandha 
  • Vajra asana
  • Sarvanga asana
  • Matsya asana
  • Paschimottan asana. 

Thank you 

01:31 PM | 22-06-2021

Hello User,

With perfect diet and exercise you can surely treat hernia, with out sedentary life and high fat food ourbody is vulnerable to get these problems, hence you should choose nature to help you with thiscondition.

A good diet and exercise can surely be helpful.


Avoiding constipation is the first step.The first thing in the morning is to start your day with something light in nature. Easy to digest is what your breakfast should be because they are the kind of nutrients that get absorbed easily. Even the early morning ritual should include consumption of two-three glasses of warm water which will help in flushing out all the toxins.

  • Antioxidants rich food like berries, tomatoes, oranges, lemons, mosumbi will help to treat the constipation.
  • Copper minerals help in treating inflammation to its best, store drinking water in a copper vessel to get the best of it.
  • Tomato salad with black pepper one hour before dinner helps in improving digestion.
  • Fennel seeds after meals help in aiding digestion.


  • Pranayam helps in detoxifying the body. Practicing it early morning in an area that has good sunlight will help in improving blood circulation.
  • Suryanamaskar, daily 12 sets will help in increasing the blood circulation of your body.
  • Uttanpadasana and Uddiyana Bandha are highly recommeneded exercise.


In any kind of disease, stress comes complementary to it. But with our assurance and positive attitude, we can treat anything. The best thing to start with is breathing mindfully before sleeping with the help of music to stay positive. In a room take a bowl of water and add two-three drops of orange or lavender essential oil. This will help in soothing you and the aroma will relax you and keep you away from any kind of disease.

Use a 15-minute relaxation technique before sleep by hearing a piece of soothing music and deep breathing will help in relaxing your mind.

A positive attitude will help you to deal with everything in life.


Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is really helpful in dealing with any problem. Sleep is our body's natural response and helps the body to heal. Sleep relaxes the muscles and strengthens our body. During sleep, our body goes into a repair mechanism where it heals itself.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you.

Thank you.

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