01:44 PM | 22-06-2021

Does drinking water grows hair naturally?

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3 Answers

06:22 PM | 24-06-2021

Hello Angad,

Drinking water is essential to be hydrated and to keep the skin and hairs hydrated. Hence, drinking enough water during the day surely helps to keep the hairs and skin healthy. Along with being hydrated, it is essential to have a good diet also.
Here are some tips for healthy hairs. 

External factors like exposure to dust, chemicals and pollution are also the reason for damaged hair. Hence, it is important to protect your hairs from external factors. 

Foods to eat- 

  • Start the day with 3 to 4 glasses of warm water early in the morning on an empty stomach. This will help to eliminate the toxins out of the body. 
  • Drink green tea twice a day, one in the morning on an empty stomach and the other at night before sleeping. 
  • Eat soaked dry fruits and sprouts in the breakfast to get easily absorbable nutrients. 
  • Eat fresh, seasonal, and locally available fruits and vegetables. 
  • Include salads, nuts, and beans in your diet. 
  • Have whole grains like barley, millets, oats, etc.
  • Use cold-pressed oil to cook instead of refined oils. 

Local application 

  • Mix amla powder with warm water. Keep it for around 2 hours. Then, apply it on your hairs and leave it for half an hour and then wash your hairs.
  • Don't use any chemical-based products on your hair.
  • Apply fresh aloe vera gel on your hairs.
  • Protect your hair from dust, smoke, etc.


A correct sleeping pattern is important for the circadian rhythm. It also helps to reduce stress. Hence, taking a proper quality of sleep is very important. 

Take proper sleep of at least 7-8 hours daily. Sleep early at night and also wake up early in the morning. Avoid using electronic gadgets atleast 1hour before sleeping. Read books before sleeping to improve the quality of sleep 

Thank you


06:21 PM | 24-06-2021

Hello Angad,

Drinking a good amount of water will help you in easy detoxifying your body especially when the water content is from our regular fruits and vegetables like cucumbers and musk melon it will benefit you all the way. 

The problem we have low hair growth is because of our daily routine where we get continuously exposed to the wrong type of diet, chemical products, adulterated food which does not do good to our health. That is why it is time to deal with this problem in a holistic way so that we can avoid problems like these.

Getting good protein intake and minerals will help in increasing our hair growth and improve its quality. Here are some tips which you can follow for dealing with the issue with having good amount of water.


Start the day with two-three glasses of warm water, this will help in flushing out the toxins and improve the state of metabolism by increasing it. The next thing is the inclusion of vegetable juice in your breakfast as this will help in giving the right amount of energy for the day. Keep at least two hours gap between your food and your sleep timing at night. 

  • Daily have two cups of legumes in your diet which will increase protein content in your food.
  • Include walnuts, almonds in your diet to increase hair growth and protect the hair which is present.
  • Consume aloe vera gel and Indian gooseberry juice daily at night which helps in increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

Use hair packs like:

1One tablespoon methi powder with one cup of water and one tablespoon of lemon, mix them all. It will help you in growing hair to a great extent.

2. Onion juice, when applied twice a week, helps in treating all hair issues. Make a paste of two onions and apply directly wash after 15-20 minutes.


  • Taking a brisk walk in the early morning sun rays helps in treating all the problems, as the sun helps in treating the mood and freshens us for the whole day, it stimulates our system and strengthens our immunity. An early morning walk is recommended.
  • Rubbing nails of both hands together will help in increasing blood circulation to the scalp, as protein type of hair and nails are the same. Together they will help in treating the low hair growth.
  • Suryanamaskar will help in treating the health issues and will help in dealing with all problems, 12 sets a day is recommended. If you are a beginner start with 6 and increase it.


Stop using gadgets an hour before sleep, you can use a fragrant diffuser where you can use essential oils and then with the smell itself you will start feeling calm. Rosemary and lavender oil will be helpful.

Massaging your head with coconut oil one tablespoon, with one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, daily at night will help in strengthening the roots and increase hair growth.

Take 10 long deep breaths, and allow your body to relax, any thought which comes, let it go do not resist. Say the affirmation, "I am healthy and happy" with each breath. This will help in curbing all your issues even in the long run.


The sleep is a very important part of treating any mental symptom, a sleep cycle of 90 minutes should be completed in order to get a sound body. This sleep cycle should be repeated 5 times. This makes 7-8 hours of healthy sleep. This will make your body and mind strong and refreshing. Make sure your room is gadget-free an hour before sleep.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help.

Thank you.

02:42 PM | 06-07-2021

Hello Angad,

Apart from drinking water, your nutrition and healthy lifestyle is really important for good hair, Water acts as a carrier to remove the toxins from the body. Make sure you are free from constipation, constipation and accumulation of toxins also affect hair fall issues.

Also if you are seeking any medications like antibiotics – they also hinder nutrient absorption in the body which in turn leads to hair fall+

Have stress-free lifestyle and diet rich in Iron, folic acid, zinc, vit c, mg.

Have a sound 8 hr sleep daily.

Follow a balanced healthy lifestyle and your hair will definitely be luxurious.

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