05:09 PM | 08-06-2019

My Father Shri Bachcha Singh,age 60 ,1 day ago ,a 3. 7 cm Stone found inside Gall Bladder. What We have to go for next?

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06:52 PM | 09-06-2019

Ideally gallbladder stones form because of years of oil and greasy foods that were eaten over his entire lifestyle. If it’s an immediate need, start drinking diluted lime water 1-2 lts 

If this is something they can wait for a week, remove all cooked from his diet , all diary , all man made sugar salt and processed foods, all grains and keep him only on the following 


Lime water in abundance 

Tender coconut in abundance

Fruits like melons oranges moosambi juice pineapple in addition to a lot of greens. 

Vegetable juices like ashgourd juice with mint also in abundance 


To prevent this condition in future, keep him on a leafy green juice early morning , fruit diet till 12pm, salads in the afternoon and an oilfree millet dinner. No excess salts


Remove the following from his life forever 


Meat eggs fish 


Fried foods and all the so called traditional foods that people love to eat 

No store bought ready to eat 


Wrap a cold towel around his stomach for 20 mins and cover it again with a woollen cloth that ensures that the  cold water cloth remains cool. 


His liver has overworked all his life and has been burned and his bile has reduced significantly. That’s why all the toxins are collecting in the gallbladder without the turpentine effect of the bilirubin on the toxins that has to be released like water if it was in a good shape. 

It will take time to get back to shape, but if he starts that journey towards health, give it a year. If he slips back to his old lifestyle, other complications will follow 

Be blessed 

05:55 PM | 09-06-2019

Gall bladder stones are easily curable.
The patient must be put on the diet limiting the intake of excessive fat.
The gall stones are generally softened by drinking apple juice which could be made easily in the home.
Gold coin grass is an important Chinese ingredient for curing gall bladder stone.

06:12 PM | 10-06-2019

This response from PSYsolution is in line with the Pure Nature Cure (PNC).
In PNC, the remedies are never recommended.
In PNC, the causal analysis through VITALITY-EDUCATION is opted always.
To know more about PNC, you can study, in order, this series of 15 articles.

Hi Santosh,

Stone is definitely a result of long term accumulation of toxin within the body.
As it took a long time to get formed, it will take some time to get dissolved and thrown out of the body, if one is conforming to Nature's norms.
Consulting with a Nature Cure practitioner or diagnostician will be helpful in this process.

Shri Singh needs to work on conserving vitality to dissolve the hardened toxins (stones).
Conservation of vitality should be consistently and consciously done to achieve the needed result, fast.

This accumulation of toxin and its expulsion is a continuous process within the body; the appearance in some scan, makes it unnecessary scary.
Please stay calm and be in the path of syncing with Nature, the body will take care of it.

Thank you...

05:56 PM | 09-06-2019

As the size of the stone is bigger to pass from the urinary tract in any natural way. The next thing to do is by consulting a urologist scheduling nephrolithotomy.

For the natural measures you can do these things as complementary so that we can avoid further complication.

1. Avoid calcium-rich diet.

2. Drinking lot of water.

3. Increase citric intake as it prevents sone formation for example, oranges, lemon, grapes.



06:52 PM | 09-06-2019

Please work with a Nature Cure expert. Gall bladder stones are accumulated toxic material in body which it hasn't been able to throw out for xyz reasons. But it's totally capable of doing so if you allow it digestive rest. Diet with lots of fruits, fruit juices, veggies salads and juices, lemon, coconut water. No or less cooked food, no dairy, no none veg, avoid oil, avoid white sugar.

But please do it with an expert's help and not just by reading here. If you want to consult an expert, let me know you are in which city.

Best wishes for your father.

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