11:07 AM | 06-04-2022

I am 23 yrs. I am suffering from thyroid, skin issues may be psoriasis. Because of these I am mentally depressed. How can I cure these naturally?

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06:09 PM | 01-07-2022

Hello Binika Ji,

Thanks for sharing your concern with us, Please try to understand the problem from the Nature Cure perspective.

As per Nature Cure, toxic ​​​​​​overload is the basic root cause of all diseases. Some toxins are added to the body as a byproduct of metabolic activity and others due to wrong lifestyle choices (like lack of sleep, unnatural food habits, lack of movement, stress etc.toxic overload often leads to hormonal imbalance. There are issues like thyroid (hypo/hyper) and skin also. As per nature cure, one can reverse this state of imbalance by getting back in sync with the natural laws of living. 

You don't have to feel depressed because we can help you through our Natural thyroid correction live workshop you can book it and also you can  book for personal consultation for Reverse thyroid disorder or for a month consultation.

You can also check our Other programs for your help.

Here's one journey that how  Nature helped me get rid of psoriasis, thyroid & fatty liver, it would inspire you and I hope you will feel better

Wishing you good health 

Team wellcure

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