12:05 PM | 06-07-2022

Is it healthy to drink water from copper utensils?

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1 Answer

03:21 PM | 06-07-2022

Hello Ashtok ji,

Thanks for sharing your query with us, now first understand why do we need copper? copper helps in production of energy, helps in proper funtioning of brain also, As per nature cure you daily copper or any minernal needs can be fulfilled by the common foods.

Now Everytime drinking water from copper vessel can also leads to copper toxicity, so you can drink 1 glass of copper water in the morning. As copper deficiency is very rare.

Wishing you good health

Team Wellcure

06:29 PM | 16-07-2022

Please read about Wilson disease where excess copper is produced by the body and this damages liver and kidney, and is a fatal disease confined mostly to children aged to 12 to 16 year. Water contains chlorine which reacts with copper and produces toxicity.
V S Pawar


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