09:15 AM | 18-06-2019

I did undergo through right thyrodectomy in the year 2014. Hence I have only left side of thyroid gland. I am on vegan diet since 4 years now and my thyroid secretion is still under control so far. I am interested to know dos/donts to keep thyroid secretion controlled? Thank you.

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05:14 PM | 18-06-2019

Hi. Body is tuned to be in a state of balance.....only when we let it be. 

Actions that interfere in body's default mode - 

  1. Artificial hormonal intake, i.e. dairy, non veg, medicines
  2. Chemicals -  personal care & home care products, pollution, packaged foods
  3. Increased acidity in the body - diet rich in acidic foods such as grains, tea / coffee, refined foods, junk foods, oily spicy foods, etc, stress, sedentary lifestyle

Actions that support body's default mode - 

  1. Eat whole foods, not refined
  2. Lots of raw fruits & veggies. Strive for atleast 50% of your food intake to be raw.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Spend time in sun every morning 15-20 minutes.
  5. Stay happy.
  6. Ensure sleep of around 8 hours every night.

This may sound very generic. But that's the whole point. Let your body be!! 



08:56 AM | 19-06-2019

Hello Bhagya. Don’t lose heart. Body is not as mechanical as medical community perceives it to be. You did not tell us why was a part of it removed. Based on what conclusions ? 

Meanwhile, let me assure you that when any gland is removed, there is some tissue left. In your case the outer cover will still be there. Even when it’s physically removed, the body does not forget that it has a thyroid. We mentally program ourselves that we don’t have because we are told that we don’t have it. Your aura still carries the imprint of the thyroid gland you had. In many people they would have a gland but the gland will be so inflammed because of toxaemia and subsequent infections that it won’t function as expected. However in your case, since a part of it is removed, the survival strategy of the body to call for help would have happened and the remaining cells works more to still do its job to maintain homeostasis. That’s how the body is designed to adapt. 

So even if this was done, all that matters is how desperately you want to get back to cleaning your body and become Normal. 

If you had thyroid cysts / cancer / tumor or related due tot which it was removed, the reasons what caused you the condition still remains in the body. 

I would advice that you stay off cooked food for an extended period of time - 6 months atleast and include only fruits , greens veggies in the form of veggie juices, green juices and fruits . Once you remove the condition that caused destructive issues, you may not know that you are missing something. You must focus on ensuring that you don’t make your thyroid overwork. 

The following are the conditions and foods that will negatively affect your condition which you must immediately close from your life’s dictionary.

Diary , meat eggs sugar wheat soy corn , oils , anything that is bought from outside ready to eat. 


For the next 6 months atleast have only the following raw 


Fruits veggies greens 


After a month .. include this 

steamed veggies legumes, grainfree flours in all forms 


Avoid the following for 6 months 

Jaggery salt grains dals


Add the following 

Exercises for 1 hour 

Sunbath exposure to morning sun 1 hr

Wrap a cold water towel daily for 20-30 mins. 

Take enema daily 


Thanks be blessed 

06:17 PM | 18-06-2019

Dear Bhagyashri, Sorry to hear that but glad that you are doing well. I suggest you to take consultation from a naturopath or holistic nutritionist if you are worried. For such cases, rather than online advice, a proper diagnosis and advice is needed. Wellcure can help you with references.

09:11 AM | 25-06-2019

This response from PSYsolution is in line with the Pure Nature Cure (PNC).
In PNC, the remedies are never recommended.
In PNC, the causal analysis through VITALITY-EDUCATION is opted always.
To know more about PNC, you can study, in order, this series of 15 articles.

Hi Bhagyashri,

Organisms, from unicellular to the multi-cellular, work quite a similar way as far as the VITALITY-EXECUTION is concerned.
The primary program of VITALITY is to maintain the HOMEOSTASIS of the body in conjunction with the universe.

Now, when some parts are removed from the body (which is obviously an unfortunate event), the body will still be maintaining the homeostasis, as far as possible. This maintenance is dependent on the level of the conserved vitality one maintains inside!

The conservation of vitality depends upon the knack of syncing with Nature.
Syncing with Nature depends upon following eight factors...

1. Maximum exposure to solar radiation WITHOUT IRRITATING THE SKIN.
2. Exposure to fresh air with rhythmic deep breathing patterns, consistently.
3. Needful water consumption;mostly with raw fruits and vegetables we get the purest water;in case of separate water consumption,slow sips of water, only when the thirst is sensed,without overloading the kidneys.
4. Ample raw food consumption (80-90% of the total meal). No to processed and taste-enhanced food, no to animal products (including milk and milk product).

5. Regular stretching exercise and an active lifestyle to have ample joint movements.
6. Spinal care to keep the spine in balanced and at the central axis position of the body.
7. Enough rest and quality sleep which should ideally start in the evening closer to 9 pm.

8. Lesser but deeper thought habits. Opting rational thinking brings the thought levels down. Regular meditation is a good exercise to bring thoughts levels down.

The above is the holistic approach for overall wellness.
Overall wellness cannot be limited to taking care of a single part of the body.

Please think in this line of wellness, rather than the single part improvement.

Thank you...

05:08 PM | 30-06-2019

Thank you Anchal, Smitha and Asha. @Smitha, my right thyroid gland was removed because there was a tumour in it and it was taken out for biopsy purpose. Also I had breathing problem with the tumour in it. since a year, my lunch is salad /fruits and I eat cooked meal one time. We had reduced grains a lot but I still eat in a small quantity. I can plan for cleaning up . @Asha Sure I will talk to you in detail about this. I would like to keep the thyroid secretion working.


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