11:00 AM | 11-07-2019

What are some of the natural ways to remove tanned skin?

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4 Answers

03:16 PM | 11-07-2019

Tanning is a natural phenomena and that's why it can definitely be cured naturally like application of few thing like:-
1)Lemon juice and honey as lemon has a bleaching effect which removes the tan quickly
2) Apply potato juice to the skin and slightly massage it. Practice this for 15-20 days.
3) Cucumber extract works too.
4)Bengal gram flour and turmeric as turmeric is an excellent skin brightening agent and Bengal gram flour will lighten the skin.
5) Even honey and papaya shows real positive effects as papaya has various natural enzymes which has bleaching effect and brightens the skins. 

Apart from these make sure you get all the important vitamins and minerals to heal it from internally. Stay hydrated

You can try and cover the body but a minimum exposure is required as sunlight is itself very important.

03:14 PM | 11-07-2019


According to our Health System  Pitta Dosha regulates heat in the body and there are 5 subdoshas, one of which is Bhrajaka Pitta. This subdosha creates the quality of our skin and when this is imbalanced we observe acne, skin rashes and pigmentation our skin.

Sun rays are good for health, Tan refers to the skin darkening due to exposure to the UV radiation of the sun and Weak immune system.

Exposure to the sun damages melanin leading to brief skin darkening especially between 11am till 3pm will be the high time to occur such tan.

We are so gifted and thanks to nature that we can remove this tanned skin naturally and permanently too.

Applying cool substances like cucumber slices, sandalwood paste and multani mitti with rose water is also helpful. 

More home remedies to follow below, but first let’s understand how skin tanning happens.

When Ultra Violet rays strike skin cells, it causes damage. More melanin your skin makes, the darker you look, but that protects you from severe damage and skin cancer.

Let see some Remedy:

Take 6 tbsp lemon juice
Add 2 tsp turmeric powder
Mix well to make paste
Apply on the tanned skin
Leave it for 30 min
Wash off with water

Crush 2 washed tomatoes into a puree
Add 4 tbsp lemon juice
Mix well
Apply on the tanned skin
Leave it for 20 min
Wash off with cold water
Do this for 15 days


Take fresh Aloevera plant from your garden, remove the thick skin and take the fresh gel apply on your skin twice a day and wash face with ice water or cubes.


Rosewater and Gram Flour (Besan) mix is one of the best paste esp. for women and kids applying twice a day and leave it about 20 min and wash with normal water. This brings wonderful results.


last but not least, eat fresh fruits and juices. Drink more water. Avoid spicy and oily foods, junk food.

Stay heatlhy and be natural and organic.



03:15 PM | 11-07-2019

1. Tanning is body's auto mechanism to safeguard our body from physical toxins. It is a common belief that tanning is due to exposure to Sun, however, this is not the only reason. The prevalent toxins in the atmosphere is the reason. So firstly identify these in your surroundings and try to safeguard yourself against them. Use of lotions and creams will cause more health issues so please avoid them.

2. Try organic natural oils and lotions if you wish to use. Coconut oil is the best for application. I can list out numerous other vegetables and fruits pulp/juices too for application but I am avoiding them as they will react to individuals differently. What is important is that application must be able to retain moisture in the skin and provide an alkaline environment on the skin. Hence please pick up your choice accordingly.

3. Citrus juices consumption will help.

09:39 AM | 12-07-2019

Skin is the largest eliminating organ of the body.

The colour of the skin is changed due to the toxic effect which the skin filters from inside or restricts to enter the body from outside.

Natural way to reverse the state tanned skin is to look at the toxins. If it is from inside, then CONSCIOUS CONSISTENT CONSERVATION OF VITALITY (CCCV) will reverse it. In most of the cases, the skin is affected when the kidneys and lungs are under-performing.

CCCV can happen in all the ways of INPUTS, ACTIONS and THOUGHTS.

INPUTS are to be bettered with conscious exposure of sunshine, fresh air, pure water and raw food.

ACTIONS are to be bettered with the consistent movement of the joints, spine care, the habit of rest and sleep.

THOUGHTS are to be bettered by inculcating rational analysis and practice of meditation (silence).

With CCCV, the body gets the strength to expel toxins via the easier channels of kidneys and lungs, relieving the extra load on the skin.

The tanning gets reduced with CCCV, effectively.

Thank you...

This response from PSYsolution is in line with the Pure Nature Cure (PNC)
In PNC, the remedies are never recommended.
In PNC, the causal analysis through VITALITY-EDUCATION is opted always. 
To know more about PNC, you can study, in order, this series of 15 articles. 

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