12:14 PM | 23-07-2019

Hi My name is Abhishek and I'm 20yrs old.... I want to increase my height pls suggest me some diet plan and workouts

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2 Answers

03:17 PM | 23-07-2019


If you want to increase your Height practice jogging in the early morning, play skipping and basket ball.

Keep yourself fit and engage your life style in Physical acivitiy. Have brisk walk in the morning. Eat healthy diet, less salt and oil intake.

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, join some yoga center and learn few asanas by experts and practise regularly.

Note:  There is no specific drink which makes you inch height gain.  Physical activity will give you results.


03:16 PM | 23-07-2019

Hei Abhishek , it's great that your are aware about your height issue . 

Get your self enrolled in swimming classes and yoga classes .
Though all asans are important still give special emphasis on - Hala asan , chakr asan , tada asan , do 5 to 6 cycles of Surya namaskar . 

Swimming , running  will help you alot .
Try to avoid lifting heavy weights over shoulders if you go gymming .

Have nutritious diet . Add oats , sprouts , nuts and fruits in your diet.
Reduce your fast food intake . 

Stay active stay healthy ❤️

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