10:07 AM | 30-08-2018

I am hungry at night or early morning? Many times hungry at odd times during day too despite having regular food. What should I do?

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2 Answers

02:35 PM | 19-09-2018

The body functions by building energy reserves which we need need for daily function and reserves that which the body keeps to adapt to sudden changes or needs

The hunger when you wake up a night and frequent hunger is an indicator that reserves are not being stored. The energy we are making daily is being consumed daily. 

This occurs when we do not rest in between the day. Reserves are built in periods of rest. You should focus on switching off, cooling down after work and taking breaks between the day, so do relook at whether you are always on the go and never finding any time to rest or deactivate during the day.   As you focus on this, energy can be stored as reserves and hunger between meals and at night comes down. 

02:34 PM | 19-09-2018

Hi pls note, body builds reserves of energy through foods eaten between 4:00 and 7:00 PM. Thus you should focus on eating easy to digest foods at this time, so that body does not waste energy in consuming foods during this period.  Ideal is not do a grain based snack. Instead do a snack with fruit, fruit pulps, dry fruits, or a nut based snack. Increase this consciously.  You could do 2-3 rounds of fruits during this time period. Alternately you could do a peanut based or makhana based nut salad.

Focus on resting and increasing evening fruits.

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