03:22 PM | 31-08-2018

Dear all,Anyone has any inputs regarding typhoid? Hubby is detected with it and in bad shape. He had severe vomiting and fainting spells last week and this was diagnosed in the blood test.

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7 Answers

02:40 PM | 03-09-2018

Hi. Your husband’s body seems to be acidic in nature, hence the typhoid. Germs need an acidic medium to grow and proliferate.  Thus any illness (bacterial or viral) happens mainly cause our body acts as the host. We have higher toxicity due to multiple reasons such as processed foods, over consumption of dairy, grains and non veg, lack of ample fruits and veggies and raw in food, lack of proper rest and downtime to repair, lack of sunlight and fresh air, stress etc. You must focus on restoring the acid-alkaline balance of the body. Increase alkaline foods such as fruits and raw veggies. Reduce acidic foods such as grains, dairy, refined oil, refined salt, refined sugar and packaged foods. Increase his immunity by giving lemon-haldi-ginger-honey every 3-4 hours. Rest is extremely important and so is sunning.... good luck dear, hope he feels better soon

10:44 AM | 16-11-2018

Typhoid is indeed very debilitating. I remember I was heavily vomiting and had severe loose motions during this time. No food would stay put. That is actually body's signal to lower the digestive load. It would be best to keep him hydrated and energised through fruits. Bananas, apple and anaar are usually the best way. Every time he passes a motion or vomits, give him the fruits (as solid, pulp, or juice). Keep him strictly off non-veg and grains - it’s too much of a load for the liver. Only when the appetite returns, should you feed him cooked foods and in that too begin with steamed soups and steamed veggies. Other suggestions on food listed above are good to follow too. Rest is paramount, both mental and physical. So no gadgets at all! Most importantly, keep faith that body is doing its work very well! Best wishes for a total recovery quickly!

10:42 AM | 16-11-2018

Give him petha juice (white pumpkin) empty stomach; really helped my daughter; it is very alkaline

11:12 AM | 19-09-2018

Very light food with zero oil will help in fast recovery 

10:24 AM | 19-09-2018

Please take care to keep him hydrated. Give him nimbu paani to sip on. Typhoid takes rather a long time to go, so rest is a must.

10:23 AM | 19-09-2018

Loads of rest is needed in this... since the person becomes quite frail... keep him nicely hydrated... coconut water is light and healthy...oily food should be avoided...

12:20 PM | 04-09-2018

Yeah avoid oily foods and meat for few months. And add lots of fruits in his diet.

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