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03:59 PM | 30-07-2019

How to cure belly fat?

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3 Answers

10:32 PM | 30-07-2019

Cook oil free.
Avoid having white sugar.
Avoid dairy products like ghee,paneer.
Do skipping and engage yourself in physical work.
Do paschimottan asana,plank,suryanamaskar and other asanas.
Prefer stairs instead of lift.

Good luck.

10:32 PM | 30-07-2019

Eat a healthy whole food plant based diet and focus more on raw with fruits veggies greens. Work out via yoga or gym. There are no shortcuts to going healthy from an unhealthy state. 

10:04 AM | 31-07-2019

Hi there , 

Go for daily morning walk  jogging, and other physical exercises . You can also practice yogasana and pranayama daily . 
Diet is very important to keep you body in check so make sure  that you're following a proper diet habit . Include lots of greens and fresh fruits in your plate , drink plenty of water and avoid junk oily fried food , processed foods etc . 
Planks and crunch are two effective way to cut your belly fats .

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