07:02 PM | 08-11-2018

Is there a way to cook my favourite dish 'aloo matar' in a healthy way?

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2 Answers

10:50 AM | 17-11-2018

The most simple way of doing same is by steaming.  Steaming helps to retain the nutritional value.  Steam potato,  peas and tomatoes. In your cooking pan,  add little water and roast onion. Then add steamed tomatoes and prepare gravy. Add your required species and add steamed potatoes and peas.  Garnish same with coriander leaves and enjoy your healthy way of favourite Aloo Matar. Hope it turns out good. 

11:32 AM | 14-11-2018

You could steam the aloo matar instead of pressure cooking them. Enzymes in veggies are sensitive to heat, the lesser the heat exposure, more the digestive enzymes are preserved. It’s easy for body to digest foods that have live enzymes. Else body has to spend more energy on digestion and this leads to energy dip over a period of time. Also when digestion load is less, body can focus on other functions such as eliminating toxins or repair & growth, healing from illness, etc.


Prepare ur masala the regular way and add steamed aloo matar from top and cook on low flame for a while so that veggies absorb the masala.

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