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4 Answers

11:19 AM | 01-12-2018

Headache and pain are the signal of bodies for us to take action.  Headache is a signal to take action for rest and look into how I can take care of me. When I apply natural lavender oil on my temples and take rest I feel good.  Drink lots of water during headache and create an intention of love in you.  Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.  May your health be great. 

Take care of your health.  Love you.  

11:19 AM | 01-12-2018

Please detail your lifestyle- food habits and how u spend ur day, do u have any moments u hate , any ppl you hate etc . You have to clean ur gut .. that’s the only solution to your prob imo.

11:57 AM | 23-11-2018

Headache is a sign to increase your rest. Sleep in complete darkness. if you can, during the day also take some ten mins break / naps in dark. 

Hydrate yourself with nourishing fruits
Light some aroma candles, and by evening make sure you wind down earlier. 

08:49 PM | 21-11-2018

 Too much screen time or thinking a lot about something? Acidity also gives headaches. Treat it as body’s signal to slow down and relax. If I get a headache, I like to just lie down with rose water eye pads. Also anulom vilom makes me feel like my head has become cooler. Do it for 5 minutes every now and then. I also feel better on taking Hydrating foods such as sweet fruits and fruit juices. And my all time favourite is a nice head massage followed by a cooling head bath. Hope you feel better soon dear.

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