09:50 AM | 20-12-2018

I want to start living healthy... The natural way. But don’t want to change my diet or routine drastically all of a sudden. How should I approach this? What is the 1 habit change I can start with?

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3 Answers

11:38 AM | 21-12-2018

Fear or Will Power Develop fear or will power, rest will fall in place. If you are healthy then you need to focus on will power, if you think you are sick or have the potential to fall sick then fear is the answer. Fear and will power work best in changing habits to a healthy lifestyle.


The fear of getting sick and will power to stay healthy. They both go hand in hand, one may binge (weak will power) on fast food and get sick (increase of fear). We need to become fearless and that happens with strong will power. Strong will power comes when we get intoxicated with Good Health.

No one wishes to visit a Doctor or get sick, so the best is to make your food as your medicine by becoming a Doctor for your true self. One change which you may start with is the right way to drink water. The four golden rules:-

1. Always sit before drinking water.

2. Water must neither be chilled or hot, must be at body temperature.

3. Always sip water like a bird.

4. Drink water 40 minutes before meals and two hours after meals.

02:42 PM | 24-11-2018

Hi the first and easy step to start natural living is to think and create intention of natural living.  When you wake up in the morning,  start your day with sitting in silence for two to three min.  And imagine living life with a natural way.  And then start with fruits in your breakfast. Always eat fruits in your breakfast and if possible eat only fruits before 12noon. Wish you a great life.  Love you and Thank you!  

12:46 AM | 01-12-2018

Yes quit animal products like diary and meat. Look for healthy alternatives. Start with the fruit bf as a mandatory policy.. u can avoid that and be on liquids for bf and eat fruits for lunch too ..


10:53 PM | 22-11-2018

Focus on adding positive food habits. Start your day with 1/2 kg fruit of your choice. Next week add 250 gm of salad in lunch and dinner

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