10:49 PM | 24-11-2018

Hi, Any home remedy for pink eye in kids caused by viral infection? Thanks!!

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12:30 PM | 25-11-2018

By pink eye, I assume u mean conjunctivitis?  Conjunctivitis is an inflammation in the eyes due to dust, pollen or germs in the air. When any of these interfere with the conjunctivia of the eyes, our body releases antibodies to deal with these foreign invaders. This is an absolutely normal body function and we should be grateful that body is trying to protect us from foreign particles ?.  Symptoms such as itching, watery eyes, etc are body’s way of dealing with unwanted materials.

Staying aligned to nature’s laws will help eyes restore their balance. Here are a few things you could do for your child-

1. He/she should Eat light as when body gets digestive rest, it can focus more on healing. Fruits, fruit juices, coconut water, nimboo paani. If he/she feels hungry after these, u could do veggie juices, soups  and salads. Any other type of food to be strictly avoided. If there is an urge to eat cooked food, give simple khichdi.

2. Clean eyes with clean water every few hours.

3. put rose water or haldi water eyepads. Both have anti inflammatory properties. Boil water, add  haldi, let it cool, dip cotton, squeeze and put on kid’s eyes. You could also use rose water eye drops, but ensure good quality organic rose water.

4. Very important - sun gazing - Make ur child look at the early morning sun. It shouldn’t be harsh, use your judgment. And if in doubt, just sit in sun.

If child is very uncomfortable, do show him to a doc and continue to support child’s body naturally through the above.

Good luck dear.

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