08:24 AM | 25-11-2018

Hi I got a swelling knee while doing gym exercise. And now I get pain when I move on steps. How can I heal same naturally. Please guide me thabjs.

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2 Answers

09:55 AM | 27-11-2018

Thanks will take care.  

12:42 AM | 01-12-2018

Rest and don’t do that exercise till pain subsides and wait for some more days to restart it


12:02 PM | 25-11-2018

Pain is a sign that there is tissue damage. So first and foremost, till u r in pain, don’t strain the knee any more. Give it rest. Resume gym only slowly and steadily once it feels better.


As per Natural Living, body is totally capable of healing us from any issue. So have faith in your body and support it.


Recently I also went overboard in my walks and knees started hurting. Here are a few things that helped -


1. Focusing more on natural foods - fruits till 12, cooked meal in lunch, fruits in evening, veggie salad for dinner, veggie juice at noon and eve 1 hour before dinner.

2. Massage with almond oil.

3. Alternate hot and cold water on knees during bath... upto a minute each, at least 3 rounds.

4. Coconut water, almonds and sunlight every day.

5. Avoid alcohol and sugary foods, in fact anything that’s acidic in nature.


Hope u feel better soon dear.


07:45 AM | 26-11-2018

Looks good


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