08:37 AM | 29-11-2018

Kindly suggest some natural way. Have positional pain in back which passes to right leg. Can't stand for cooking in one go.

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04:03 PM | 29-11-2018

I suffered from back pain for many years. The pain is felt in the legs too and is called sciatica. 

For short term relief, you can try hydrotherapy. Take two basins of water - one warm and another cold. Use two pices of cloth - one in each bowl. Keep the warm cloth on the back for three minutes and next cold cloth for 1 minute, This is one round. Do 4 rounds. You can do this as many times in a day as necessary. This normalises circulation.

Check also your posture when you sit and stand.

For longer term, lifestyle changes are the only solution. Plenty of rest, sleeping by 10:00 pm atleast, sun exposure, natural , wholesome diet, less grains and less to no dairy products, non veg and packaged, deep fried food.All these cause toxin build up in the body causing pains.


12:40 AM | 01-12-2018

Adding to what Asha has mentioned, as your pain eases, start yoga as exercises are mandatory like brushing ones teeth daily. Lifesstyle changes with a high raw diet on a daily basis will keep you off sciatica. Majorly fruits breakfast , one green juice and staying away from diary,
Junk and processed will show you results in 1-3 months


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