09:47 AM | 05-08-2019

Hi! I am 29 years old. I am suffering from Tinnitus (ringing in right ear), last 2 months. It started after a concert with loud music. I went to many doctors (including ENT specialist)and tried some YouTube remedies, but no results. It disturbs when silence and sleeping on right side. Please suggest me any effective way to cure from Tinnitus.

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2 Answers

05:42 PM | 05-08-2019

Tinnitus is also due to toxic overload in the body. It’s a viral infection. Virus comes to eat the undigested and rotting junk that’s in the body. Go on a clean lifestyle wit a low fat whole food plant based lifestyle with focus on raw till dinner and only juices till 12. Sleep on time and avoid Stress. Rest well. You should be ok . If you want to do this, please come back to us and we can help 

05:18 PM | 06-08-2019

Tinnitus might be caused due to Menniers Syndrome or may be due to even Sinusitus. The exact caused must be eatsblished various investigative procedures

Some Natural ways to treat it may be,

  • Take steam inhalation which could remove any excess mucous from your nasal passages or sinuses
  • Practice Brahmari pranayam under a trained yoga therapist
  • Acupuncture treatment under a trained and registered naturopath could help
  • You should maintain regular food timings

All the above treatments could be a part of integrative treatment plan along with those treatments ENT specialist has prescribed



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