05:40 PM | 17-08-2019

How to loose weight in gym

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4 Answers

11:23 AM | 18-08-2019

Weight is stuff which you have stored in the body
So first of all learn to detoxify your body by using natural or self enema.
Take 4-5 glasses in the morning to clean the gut. Preferably take lemon honey water as first input of the day.
Half your diet while adopting chewing habbit.
Don't forget adopting no water with meal habbit.
One time meal skipping is the best way to reduce that is also morning breakfast after taking morning water there is no need of BF.
More exercise for gut control like half sit-up and six app booster


11:11 AM | 18-08-2019

I would seriously advice you the take the help of your gym instructors and dietitician present in your gym who  could evaluate your dietetic requirements and come out a specified or customised work out plan that fitts your requirements. before we do a specific plan there are various factors to be considered and just a statement here might not be be useful. Hence my sincere advice would be, sit with your gym instructor and dietitian there and make your goals achievable. Happy gymming and best wishes to acheive your goals!

11:11 AM | 18-08-2019

Hello Ji,

Instead of Joining in Gym, you can join in any expert yoga center and learn few asana and get diet chart a well.

When you practice this at home with the hlep of mat and changing your life and diet style you can see good results in your body weight reduction.





12:01 PM | 18-08-2019

Good one Dr


07:16 PM | 18-08-2019

Hello Prashant, 

For loosing weight,gym is not so important. 
You can loose your weight by changing your diet habits and performing yoga.

Perform yoga regularly specially suryanamaskar, paschimottan asana,bhujang asana,chakra asana.

Cook oil free and have a complete plant based diet. 
Avoid all the animal products and dairy products. 

Also avoid having tea and coffee. 


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