11:10 AM | 25-12-2018

I have this long running itching issue in my body and none of mainstream (Allopathy, Homeo, Ayurveda, naturopathy) seems to have worked. There is itching after interaction with water (bath, pool, rain drench etc) in almost entire body except lower side of hand/legs, butt and face. It last for 20-30 mins. Can someone throw some light on the why and on similar experience, if any?

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10:00 PM | 25-12-2018

Hi! Rest, relaxation and focusing on sleep to restore the balance – may be the key here.  

The body always does work towards the optimum health.  For health, thoughts and emotions play a very role. How are you emotionally, frenzied, anxious, holding onto a lot from the past?

It may be worth looking into and important to cool down the frenzied thoughts.  Maybe for the next few months, you could look at seriously connecting with nature both at the physical and mental level.  

  • Nature is the best relaxant and the best coolant.

  • Go gardening, re-establish your connect with the soil, and grass

  • Walk on wet grass (as you mentioned that part does not react)

  • Absorb more of the sun (not the heating afternoon one, but early morning fresh air one)

  • Breathing and Yoga are also known to help with ‘incurable’ ailments (Isha foundation especially focuses breathing to heal within)

  • Mediation is a great tool - you may want to attempt it to help you bring the balance back!

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