08:35 AM | 31-12-2018

Hi moms, my daughter has been coughing from last 15-20 days in mornings and at night. The doc says it’s because of the allergies and not due to cold. I believe in natural home remedies and usually give her nutmeg and liquorice powder with honey and it helped her in past. Since this cough and congestion is not due to cold am not giving her these now. Can anyone recommend tried and tested remedies or safe medicines for chest congestion and cough. Thanks

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5 Answers

03:12 PM | 28-12-2018

Through cough and colds, esp nagging ones, the body is demanding a lot of rest.  So, focus on her rest. Since she will be having disturbed sleep at night, make sure she is able to nap in afternoon in dark or call it an earlier night for next 15 days. Wind down, have aroma baths for her in evening. Keep her in dim lights in evening before you sleep.  Because only in rest mode will the body repair. If she has a bad coughing spell at 3-4 am, keep her hydrated through soaked raisins. If you can afford keep her off school and allow her to rest do so.

03:11 PM | 28-12-2018

In terms of home remedies, these are the things that have worked for us.

Steam – if possible 3 times a day.  With children you have to be careful they don’t touch the steamer.  You could even buy a humidifier and keep in room to ease her coughing.

Warm mustard oil massage every night until cough goes away – especially on the soles of feet and around the rib cage, nostrils.

Soak some cotton balls with eucalyptus oil (you can find in medicine stores) and keep next to her pillow at night. You can also put drops of eucalyptus oil in the steam for inhalation.  

03:10 PM | 28-12-2018

Please read Smitha Hemadri’s story in our Health Journey section. Almost all her childhood she suffered from recurring cold & even her younger daughter had these issues. She was able to resolve them by staying more in-sync with nature.

03:08 PM | 28-12-2018

Increase her fruit intakes drastically.  Fruits are great cleansers & through cough & cold body tries to cleanse the toxic waste in the body, so any type of fruit is good.  You can start her day with fruits, and give her a big dose of fruits in the evening also. Just make sure she’s eating fruits alone & not mixing with meals, else they sit in stomach for too long losing their ease of absorption.

Soaked dry fruits (such as kishmish, apricots), esp when she is coughing and even at night, will help soothe the cough. Give her nourishing soups of seasonal veggies (lauki, pumpkin etc.) mixed with soaked & churned nuts. Instead of roti or rice, see if she is willing to eat daal chillas, besan chillas or sama rice (barnyard millet). Grainless actually helps as body can focus on healing instead of digesting wheat or rice as they are comparatively heavy on the stomach compared to fruits & veggies.

03:06 PM | 28-12-2018

Cough and cold is the body’s way of throwing out toxic overload. This overload could be created by improper food (in children’s case mostly improper food combinations), lack of rest etc. During this period to support the body for full recovery, it’s important that you give her alkaline foods. So you could look at increasing fruits, increasing veggies, including raw veggies. Further, for some time you could look at reducing the heavier overload creating food items i.e. milk, and grains. I have tried this every time when my child, has a spell of cold and cough, and have been amazed at the body’s ability to recover faster.

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