04:20 PM | 05-01-2019

Can someone tell me that if drinking coffee could affect my chances of conceiving?

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6 Answers

11:03 PM | 05-01-2019

Coffee per se will not deter your chances of conceiving.Having said that however,your terrain has to be “clean”in order to sustain life. Have lotsa fruits veggies cold pressed veggie juices nuts seed sprouts .Other than nutrition ,rest exercise sunlight deactivation are also important.Your mental health emotional health perception of life attitude all play a vital role .A cup of coffee here and there wont matter.

By the way I conceived after 8 years of marriage.Did whatever everybody told me to do,ate what everyone told me to eat , followed all the “spiritual gurus advice “,used to get my ovulation monitered every month, was totally on bed rest from day one when I conceived twice which eventually ended in miscarriages, Dr Dang used to send his technicians home for my blood samples since I was on bed rest.Nothing worked.I was fed up of doctor shopping .... even went to Anirudh Malpani ... the famous infertility specialist( he was my college mate) Finally I was under Dr Soonawala’s ( from Mumbai )care. I used to meet him every month that he came to Delhi .... had umpteen check ups done .... results were all clear .... nothing wrong with either of us.Tocut a long story short finally when I did conceive I was in my third month climbing 900 steps of a famous temple in my 4 inch heels and not aware that I had conceived. POINT :Que Sera Sera .In retrospect what matters isjust be healthy & happy. Leave the rest in Almighty’shands.

A cup coffee kuch nahi bigadega.All the best to you.

Btw my kids are 22 & 17 today .Loads of love to them. Gratitude always 🙏

05:48 PM | 07-01-2019

For those couples who wish to start family and are finding it difficult to conceive due to age, hormonal, stress or lifestyle related issues, need to perhaps also know that diet is one of the key factors that affect fertility. Hence what your eat and how much you eat becomes pertinent.

Stress free life in both for the body and mind are important. There could be few things in your diet which could add to the stress to your body and affect fertility levels. Caffiene is one of them as it reduces a woman’s chance of getting pregnant by about 27 percent.

There is interesting research and studies relating to Caffiene and its impact on fertility of both men and women and hence chances of conceiving.

Some recent studies have also shown that caffeine reduces muscle activity in the fallopian tubes or interferes with muscular contractions that help carrying eggs from the ovaries to the womb or the uterus. It is in the fallopian tubes where conception takes place. Therefore, if the muscle contractions are reduced the egg won’t be in the optimal area for conception.

There are studies again that show that Caffeine in limited amount that is below 200mg-300 mg per day which means 2-3 cups of regular tea or 1-2 cup of coffee is not harmful when one is expecting or trying to conceive. But higher amounts does impact fertility levels both in men and women. Caffeine is also present in chocolates, colas and certain energy drinks. Some sodas come with 64 mg of caffeine and three squares of dark chocolate could be containing 42 mg of caffeine. So, cautious intake of all such products is essential when you are trying to cut down on caffeine uptake.

During normal days at work especially during long days with meetings, we sometimes do not realize that we end up having 4-5 cups of tea or coffee. Chocolate cakes at birthday celebrations every now and then or those sodas with drinks or with popcorns during a movie add to our consumption levels which are much more than the recommended levels.

Also after one gets pregnant, caffeine in limited amount (not more than 200-300mg/ day) is advised as excessive amounts of caffeine can lead to lower birth weight and reduced blood flow through the placenta during pregnancy.

Overall, worth to try reducing or start to think of alternatives, may be green tea or juices or fresh fruits whenever you have the urge to have anything caffeinated.

02:38 PM | 07-01-2019

Hi. One food cannot be the main reason to affect body's overall functioning. So indulging in coffee once in a while may not be that harmful cause body will eliminate what it doesnt need. But a daily dose of coffee alongwith dairy, may not be the best choice as its not natural food (not live, thriving, hydrating foods!) 

If you are facing conception challenges, look at overall whats on your plate. Replace man made foods with more natural foods - fresh, seasonal, raw - eat what nature meant us to eat because that is the right material for our body to function most optimally.  

Do be assured that nature has meant women to procreate - all we need to make sure, is live a natural lifestyle on daily basis (and indulge with awareness)

You can read Anchal's story here and connect with her more to know more about the changes in lifestyle which she did to conceive naturally.  https://www.wellcure.com/health-journeys/1/my-triumph-over-ulcerative-colitis-infertility 


09:52 PM | 05-01-2019

Drinking coffee is like enjoying on loan money. You have to take a conscious decision of conceiving because you must be 100% sure of getting a healthy life. Coffee strains the vitality in long run due to the toxin removal, so you may conceive by drinking coffee but when the child is in need of your vitality he may not get it. 

09:10 PM | 05-01-2019

There are many reasons why conception can be impacted. Coffee or tea are nerve stimulants and is to be avoided by everyone ladies and men alike. So having said that, yes it’s consequence is not something that you will want your child to face. 

09:02 PM | 05-01-2019

I don’t think it’s ever about eating one good thing or one bad thing. All our food and lifestyle choices have a collective impact on our health, including chances of conceiving.


Coffee leaves an acidic residue in the body. When it comes to good health, it’s all about the body’s acid-alkaline balance. If you have coffee but overall ph is fine due to your other habits, there is no reason to worry. But if you are a coffee addict or for that matter high on other acidic foods, conceiving can be troublesome.


Life should not be lived in extremes. Body has amazing coping powers, it can deal with anything taken in moderation.


Having said so, if you are having issues in conceiving, you might as well focus on increasing intake of fruits, raw veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains. And stay active, keep happy, don’t take stress.


Definitely avoid white sugar and maida.

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