10:35 AM | 08-01-2019

What can I do for dark elbows, knees and armpits?

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2 Answers

10:22 AM | 08-01-2019

Hi! While it may not click with our rationale immediately, I read in an article that skin health like our overall health is deeply related to sleep as well. It is highly recommended that we get a peaceful, good night's sleep of 8 hours, in complete darkness, on a daily basis. May be that's why its called beauty sleep! The logic is, sleep is the time when your body does all the repair and correction work. That applies to the skin as well - the body would work on the skin to get rid of dry cells and replenish with new cells. So try getting good sleep, regularly!

10:16 AM | 08-01-2019

Hi! applying lemon juice or scrubbing with lemon skin in the elbows areas helps keep it dark-build up-free.

Here is a post on how to do it


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