01:29 PM | 05-02-2019

One of my friends is having vocal cord contact ulcer. She has lost her voice and is in a fix because she has client visiting next week. Allopathy medicines prescribed steroids which only helped a bit. Please suggest what to do.

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4 Answers

09:37 AM | 06-02-2019

Hi, our body is very intelligent and gives us signal. Signal to take action, action to get back to nature. 

Ulcers are the indication for the body to tell us about the accumulation of toxins. 

We are facing these toxins in air we breathe, from the chemicals in processed food, from the chemicals we use on our body and our house, in the water we drink and thoughts we think.

It has become our prime responsibility to clear these toxins. There are few things which she can implement in her diet and lifestyle that wi help her to release these toxins from body. 

1. Eat mono fruits at breakfast. 
2. Eat salads before lunch, preferred eat only raw for few days. 
3. Your diet should be whole food plant based means no dairy, no processed food. 
4. Completely maun varath. It will help her. 
5. Feel gratitude
6. Be calm 
7. Eat before sunset

If possible take few days off and take complete rest and eat whole food plant based diet. 

I wish her a speedy recovery. 

06:51 PM | 05-02-2019

Hi there. Many times owing to our busy schedules we do want quick fixes, however body is an intelligent entity, with only one goal that is maintaining your health at optimum. When you ignore the smaller intensity signals (such as frequent bouts of illnesses) it creates a heavier mechanism, where you have just no choice but to rest

Your friends vocal chord issue seems to be in this category - body is desperately seeking to demand rest. and is also not able to eliminate the toxins through normal route thus storing it in form of ulcers

What your friend needs is Rest & Raw in ample quantities. In long term, she definitely needs to relook at her overall lifestyle and create right inputs for the body (again in terms of raw and rest)

For immediate she can focus on the following (since the client meeting is a few days away):

  1. Eliminate dairy completely
  2. Eliminate grains completely 
  3. Add a lot of raw.  So eat ample fruits, raw salads, raw veggies, steamed soups.  She can add boiled potatoes to get the full feeling instead of grains
  4. Whenever hungry reach out for a fruit 
  5. Replace morning breakfast with fruit breakfast
  6. Make sure each meal has higher degree of raw than cooked
  7. No packaged/ processed foods/ eating out/ alcohol/ smoking during this time
  8. Give total rest to vocal chords - yes abosulte.  If she wishes to speak in front of the clients, she might as well heed body's command till then
  9. Figure alternatives at office - if the meeting can be postponed.  If not, can she be part of the meeting where she is typing not speaking.  Can a collague help at the meeting while she is also present? I understand how awkward and urgent sometimes things can get, but advance open communication may help in this case! People can be surprisingly understanding when it comes to health! 

In the long run, she needs to change her inputs to fresh natural foods, right dose of rest & sleep and a lot of sunshine (which has magical healing properties) to ensure her body is eliminating the toxins regularly and not resorting to desperate measures! 

Hope this helps

09:36 AM | 06-02-2019

Many have answered the lifestyle aspects .. I wanted to add here that it’s quite a serious thing that your friend has now. My father eventually developed a voice box cancer, patched up with radiotherapy and after 20 more yrs he got a base of tongue cancer whose treatment side effects eventually consumed him. Nevertheless unless the lifestyle is absolutely reversed by 180 deg, she may not find relief. Juicing and fruits, hydrotherapy to the neck, spinal bath, sunbath, mud therapy all this is absolutely necessary like her only job is to fix herself now. Having raw fruits that has rich colours of blue like blueberries if she gets is going to help. See, nature cure and natural healing is possible only when she has not crossed a level of no return in term of vitality spend .. so pls advice her seriously that she must start now before it gets too late to even swallow raw juices and fruits. Be blessed. 

10:00 PM | 05-02-2019

Hi. Ulcers are a manifestation of accumulated toxins in the body. Tell ur friend to give a lot of rest to her throat, she can literally be on a maun vrath:-). Gargle with warm water, honey and pinch of haldi few times a day. Be on a raw liquid diet - drink hot or cold liquids as per throat comfort  - coconut water, lemon water (w/o sugar), fruit juices (w/o sugar, home made), veggie juices and non dairy tea. Many recipes are available in the recipes section. 

Eat only when hungry, else let it be. 

Try to sleep more. Body heals best in a relaxed environment.

Sit in the sun. Close your eyes, deep breathe, imagine good oxygen reaching the ulcer and healing it.


Hang in there. Hopefully you will be better by the time of your meeting. 


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