10:10 AM | 26-04-2019

I have pimple all over my face and there are some very old scars as well. What should I do?

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4 Answers

11:09 AM | 18-02-2019

Skin is the largest organ in our body and is also the point of contact with the outside environment. Nature has equipped the skin with mechanisms to deal with the inside and outside changes. Inside, there are hormonal changes that alter the oil secretion in the glands of the skin (this happens primarily during puberty) and on the outside, there are factors like environmental pollution, dust etc that the skin has to constantly confront. The skin glands constantly produce an oily substance in order to lubricate the skin and it also helps to shed the debris/dead skin cells so that fresh cells can take their place. Sometimes the dead cells are not shed and block the skin pores. The pores may also get blocked by the outside dust and dirt. Such are the conditions conducive for the bad bacteria to grow and cause infection and inflammation.

While the body is doing its job of regenerating new cells and clearing the skin of any debris, all we could do is support the body perform this function. Some steps that we could take –

-          Eat healthy – the body needs energy and material to perform its tasks. When we eat easy-to-digest foods (like fruits) we help the body to conserve its energy by reducing the digestive load. Also, foods like raw vegetables, nuts and seeds provide the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs for any repair/maintenance work.

-          Sleep well – sleep is the time when the body does its maintenance work. As you sleep, the skin goes into repair mode and regenerates new cells. Therefore, 8 hours of sleep in complete darkness is of great help.

-          Avoid dairy, refined oil, refined sugar – refined foods contribute towards acidic environment inside the body. An acidic environment is best suited for germs/bacteria to thrive.

-          Externally, maintain a good skin hygiene to get rid of external dust and dirt.


02:53 PM | 21-03-2019

Pimples indicate body elimination system is under stress and it has chosen last resort SKIN

Our regular elimination system is stool, sweat and breath. Now, if we consume an excess of processed and cooked food in addition to other lifestyle factors like poor exercise, lack of sleep and rest it puts a load on our regular elimination system.

In that case, the body chooses last resort I.e our skin. The outcome is acne, pimples and other skin problems.

There are two solutions:

Short term: VEGGIE PACK Take some green leaves like neem, tulsi etc and some cucumber.
Make a paste and apply on the body. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash body after it.

Working principle is OSMOSIS Pure fluids from veggies flows into skin and toxin comes out. Its exchange.

Long term: increase your salad intake and fruit intake. Do exercise for 20 minutes each day.

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11:07 AM | 18-02-2019

A common mistake that we tend to make with pimples is to peel them. Please do that as pealing leaves scars on the skin.

You may try applying honey – wash your face with warm water, apply honey and leave for 30 min and then wash with warm water again.  

11:08 AM | 18-02-2019

Pimples mean that the body is trying to eliminate or get rid of some toxins. To deal with pimples, you must consider your eating habits so as to support the body eliminate. Plenty of fresh fruits, juices, raw vegetables should be a substantial part of your daily food intake. Also, oily fried foods and sugar should be completely avoided.

Pimples/acne are caused by / get aggravated due to oily foods. However, instead of consuming oils and fats in the form of refined oils or dairy, try to incorporate natural sources of oils and fats i.e. nuts and seeds

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