08:54 PM | 24-02-2019

For diabetic patients or borderline diabetic patients, why do sugar levels shoot up during times of infection or fever? How can this be explained with natural healing principles? Want to explain this in a simple way to a friend who is experiencing this presently.

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07:46 AM | 26-02-2019

Body either burns fat / either way diabetes patients have that extra glucose due to the cell resistance. This shoots up in an attempt to clear the infections in the blood stream. Infections are fueled by glucose too. And when they clear up, the extra glucose no longer needed is passed into the urine. This can give a false positive reading. Medicines if taken also can show high readings during a fever. Yeast virus and microbes feed on the glucose. There are many angles to why the blood readings show a high glucose level. Diabetes has to be treated to clear up the cell resistance  naturally. Even in normal people the blood sugar rises but since their body can handle the rise, they are not called diabetic. In diabetes patients since the tests are monitored or symptoms are seen you are observing it. But it happens to everyone. In kids, they become hyperactive during a fever , they talk more,l etc. when body handles this naturally they sleep. If they Re given meds, they sleep when the temp drops and sugar drops. They become active when it rises after the paracetamol effect is over. 

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