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10:25 AM | 10-05-2019

A friend of mine is diagnosed with thyroid (TSH is 2. 8). She is in her first trimester of pregnancy. The doctor advised to start medication, but she is apprehensive. Can she deal with this issue naturally?

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4 Answers

12:04 PM | 06-03-2019


I know someone who was a thyroid patient for years. And then she took the path of living naturally. Recently she conceived and I asked her what about thyroid? Any impact on your pregnancy?....... She shared no impact because by now she was thyroid free!!

I know someone else who was bedridden for all her pregnancy because she had thyroid & was following the conventional route of treatment.

There is no doubt in the fact that thyroid is an imbalance in the body & if you give the right inputs it will become ok. Right inputs - natural foods, sun, air, exercise, sleep, rest, happiness.

Not taking medicines is just one part of the story, the larger part is giving your body the opportunity to heal with the inputs I mentioned above. It's best to do under the supervision of a Natural Health expert who can handhold you through the changes and monitor how you feel. Whichever path you choose for your pregnancy, pls know that your decision should not come from a place of FEAR, it should come from a place of FAITH.     

Happy to help more if you want. 

11:52 AM | 06-03-2019

I would not advise experiments at this stage. Without taking undue stress now, please follow the advice of the doctor. To ensure a healthy pregnancy, please have a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in raw form as much as possible as per the dictates of hunger. Stay away from animal products. Spend time outdoors. The most important thing, however, is to keep your mind in balance, be happy and take plenty of rest.

Post pregnancy, you can keep checking your thyroid levels and reduce dosage. There are many people who have come out of medicines, so rest assured it will happen as you keep making lifestyle changes.

04:14 PM | 12-05-2019

In medical world confirmity of safe TSH levels is subject to debate. Indicated number of 2.8 doesn't seems to be high. So, it is best to take second opinion before considering medication.

Every medication has a side effect so do enquire with your doctor of possible side effects on yourself and child.

Lifestyle modification including food and rest can make significant difference to the health.

Please understand what is food? Food is providing the building material to the cells. Baby can be considered as large group of cells growing inside the mother's body. So, right quality of food will go long way in building healthy body of the baby for life.

This is the appropiate time of investment into good health for the baby.

You may refer to this blog written by our community member Shubhi Khurana -Worried about your child's birth and want it to happen the normal way. Hope you find it useful.

Please refer to following posts for more infor:



11:51 AM | 06-03-2019

It’s a misconception that under or overactive thyroid leads to pregnancy complications. This is quite commonly believed in the medical world. By the time the thyroid issue is detected, the viruses that are active in the body and causing inflammation to the organs have already impacted the related organs. It’s already in a state of Merry by the time blood reports detect it. Having said that, fixing the inflammation of the thyroid and related toxaemia is the solution. If you bring in the deficit hormones which are made artificially from animal parts or synthetically, the inflammation or thyroid suddenly does not function back. In fact you have not even thought of fixing the true issue. Chemical load in the blood will further complicate the issue and severe cases including passing the infections to the baby will also happen. It’s best to kill and eliminate the infections of the thyroid now than looking for a temporary solution. Thyroid has multiple unknown functions that humans have not discovered yet.. so there are other deficits that are not compensated.

Best to be high on fruits, vegetables and juices and greens and high raw and low fat to attack this issue. Don’t use sugars, dairy, oils, outside packaged foods, jaggery, nuts, seeds too.

As much as possible stay high on fruits veggies and greens for the whole day. This will protect you and your baby from further harm. It’s a wrong notion that you have to eat for 2 it eats fats for the baby to become fat. Don’t overload your body with any fats now. Thyroid should heal by the time you finish ur pregnancy. During preg ur vitality is also less.. so the infections will be active even more. So it’s best to keep the body high on raw and avoid any medications possible. Nature will take care of all the needs as long you pay attention to what your body needs. This is my opinion.

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