02:19 PM | 14-07-2021

How to cure acidity naturally?

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3 Answers

10:00 AM | 19-07-2021

Hello User,

Acidity is all about handling the pH of the body, and skin becomes the reflection of all our problems. Consumption of a fatty diet on a regular basis and highly spiced food, toxins are the primary cause of any health issue. What needs to be taken care of now is, that a major change in lifestyle and diet will have to be made to cure this problem. It is not only heartburn, with the consumption of this kind of food, what becomes an issue is from the esophagus to rectum everything gets disturbed. The toxins are in the body, call it acidity or infection they relate to the same cause.

With a healthy change in the diet and your routine, we can deal with both the issues related to the problem of acidity and acne. What makes a major difference is by changing lifestyles, we are not only curing the disease at this stage but also preventing it from recurring in the future.And also your kid will adopt a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

Now let us understand what changes we can make:


Start your day with something light in nature and easy to digest. Breakfast should be of the kind of nutrients that get absorbed easily. The early morning ritual should include the consumption of two-three glasses of warm water, it will help in flushing out all the toxins.

  1. Including a fiber-rich food item that helps in adding bulk to the stools, for example having apples, bananas, nuts, etc. which have a good amount of fiber in them.
  2. One tomato with black pepper in the evening time an hour before dinner.
  3. During the evening time, take an inch of ginger and boil in two cups of water with half a teaspoon of turmeric honey, this will help in beating inflammation caused by indigestion.
  4. Fennels seeds after food aids in clearing bowels easily.


  • Sitting in the position of Vajraasana will help in the treatment of any digestive tract. After your meals, practice this pose for better digestion and easy stools. This will treat acidity.
  • A brisk walk in the early morning sun for30-45 minutes helps in treating your body to its level best. Sun is a great source of Vitamin D that is why walking in the sun and connecting with the sun also help in activating our cells and rejuvenate us for the whole day.


In any kind of disease, stress comes complementary to it. But with our assurance and positive attitude, we can treat anything. The best thing to start with, is, breathing mindfully before sleep with the help of music to stay positive.

Sit crossed-legged on the floor, and say " I am healthy and happy". Repeat it with each breath and imagine yourself to be healthy. This will help a lot in the long run.

A positive attitude will help you to deal with everything in life.


Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is really helpful in dealing with any problem. Sleep is our body's natural response and helps the body to heal. Sleep relaxes the muscles and strengthens our body.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you

Thank you.

10:00 AM | 19-07-2021

Hello Akshata,

Acidity is a common digestion related problem that is faced by many people nowadays because of the sedentary lifestyle and wrong choices of food. Intake of a high fatty diet, oily, and spicy foods results in improper digestion which ultimately leads to digestive issues like acidity, burping, etc.
Along with a correct diet, the adoption of a correct lifestyle is equally important. 


  • Start the day with 3 to 4 glasses of warm water on an empty stomach. This will help to flush the toxins out of the body. 
  • Drink green tea twice a day, one in the morning on an empty stomach and the other at night before sleeping. 
  • Eat sprouts in your breakfast as they are light in nature and are rich in nutrients also.
  • Drink freshly prepared homemade fruit juices. 
  • Have fresh, seasonal, and locally available fruits and vegetables. 
  • Don't use refined oils for cooking. Instead, use cold-pressed oil for cooking.
  • Have Vitamin C rich diet like include lemon, oranges, amla, blueberries, etc in your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day. 


Physical activities are also essential for good digestion as it improves the blood circulation in the body and also the metabolism of the body. 

  • Start the day with a brisk morning walk of at least 30min. 
  • Do plank for 5min. 
  • Perform yoga asanas like bhujanga asana, trikona asana, paschimottan asana and padahasta asana. 
  • Do pranayam regularly for 15-20min, specially anulom-vilom and bhastrika pranayam. 


Good quality of sleep is also needed for good metabolism. Sometimes lack of sleep or bad quality sleep also leads to digestive issues like acidity, anorexia, etc. So, proper sleep is required. 

Take proper sleep of at least 7-8hours daily. Sleep early at night and also wake up early in the morning. 

Avoid using electronic gadgets like mobiles, tv, computers, laptops, etc at least 1hour before sleeping for an improved quality of sleep. 

Thank you

09:59 AM | 19-07-2021

There are many ways to get rid of acidity problem some of them I'm sharing here. 

  • Drink coconut water
  • Eat banana
  • Eat basil
  • Don't sleep after eating
  • Walk after eating
  • Don't eat much at a time eat 3-4 times a day
  • Drink lot's of water it must
  • Avoid Sour foods

Mental health is also important

  • Meditate regular
  • Do exercise
  • Keep your mind calm and relax
  • Listen music or dance 

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