06:16 PM | 07-06-2019

Can anyone suggest me a diet plan for PCOS?

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09:01 PM | 07-06-2019

Two of the primary ways in which diet affects PCOS are weight management and insulin production and resistance.
However insulin plays a significant role in PCOS,so managing it is a major condition that needs to be followed.
A low glycemic index diet can be followed which includes foods like whole grains, legumes,nuts,seeds, fruits, starchy Vegetables all should be taken.
Natural unprocessed foods,high fibre foods,spinach, Fenugreek and other dark green leafy vegetables are goods,dark red fruits and broccoli, cauliflower and last but not the least dried beans,lentils and legumes should not be missed.
Nuts and oil seeds should be placed at your priority list which should include walnuts,almonds and pistachios.Spices like turmeric and cinnamon should be preferred
Food to avoid:-Refined carbs,fried foods,sugary beverages and processed foods .

09:00 PM | 07-06-2019


PCOS are a very common issue among young girls these days. 

It’s a result of toxaemia due to lowering of the vitality. The reasons behind lowering of vitality is excess of wrong types of foods.... processed foods,  packaged items loaded with low quality oils and preservatives, irregular routines, disturbed sleeping patterns etc . 

To start onto a path towards cleansing and healing you may start with this diet pattern.

Break your overnight fast with any fresh, seasonal,local,fresh,sweet and ripe fruit.  Try to have it as late in the morning as possible.

Lunch could be any other fruit or a bowl of fresh veggies salad loaded with organic greens.  May add some sprouts seeds or nuts.

Evening again followed by seasonal fruits.

If hungry in between you may munch on a carrot or a cucumber. Or go for coconut water or any juice. 

Don’t eat without hunger. And never overeat. 

If you find being completely raw very tough then you may add some steamed vegetables to your salad. 

If not have a millet roti with steamed veggies with mild spices and greens.(for lunch or dinner, which ever you feel is comfortable for you)

Avoid salt and sugar. If salt is unavoidable then use a small pinch of Himalayan salt or sea salt or rock salt.

There are other things also which are equally important as the food.

They are sun exposure. Fresh air. Adequate hydration. Rest. Sleep. Clean bowels etc.  To get a perfect diagnosis done and get a proper lifestyle plan it’s better to consult a nature cure practitioner. It would be very helpful to you to follow through until the body cleanses and heals completely.

Be happy be healthy always 

Swati Dhariwal 





09:01 PM | 07-06-2019

Poly cystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disbalance which causes metabolism problems like diabetes, hypertension and often obesity. So therefore main objective of the modified diet should be managing of body weight below the normal body weight and maintaining the functioning insulin levels in the body.
Therefore, a diet rich in complex carbohydrates should be encouraged, which includes consumption of high fiber diet in the form of whole pulses, whole cereals, fruits and vegetables.
Consumption of simpler carbohydrates like sugar must be avoided and a low glycemic index foods should be eaten. Low glycemic index food includes berries, cherries, peas, corns.
Consumption of fat should be restricted and the consumption should primarily be focused on MUFA and PUFA, saturated fats should not be consumped in larger quantities.
Consumption of foods which are thermally and chemically less irritable. 
Physical activity should be given Prime Importance.

02:39 PM | 08-06-2019

This response from PSYsolution is in line with the Pure Nature Cure (PNC).
In PNC, the remedies are never recommended.
In PNC, the causal analysis through VITALITY-EDUCATION is opted always.
To know more about PNC, you can study, in order, this series of 15 articles.

Hi Romita,

Let us understand Polycystic ovary syndrome
(PCOS) and the meaning of Polycyst to start with, in general!

  • Poly means many or multiple.
  • Cyst is termed to be an abnormal development of body structure.
  • It often get hardened if the cause of formation is not addressed.
  • Its development is quite similar to the formation of stone.

Now, from where do we get multiple stones inside our body?

We definitely do not eat stone, knowingly, right!

We know, how a stone forms, in geography!
-It is a result of years of deposition of soil with a lot of transformation, stone forms.

The uneliminated toxins inside the body get transformed into cyst overtime.

It is a result of lack of elimination due to the lack of available CONSERVED VITALITY within the body.

This can happen toeverybody and anywhere in the body.

The body decides where to form this according to the body's structural and chemical disposition.

The cysts keep on growing and dissolving also, as and when, the body gets its quota of CONSERVED VITALITY; that happens primarily, through right lifestyle choices.

Please do not bother much, if you do not have visible and pressing discomforts.

You might have been alerted through some scanning for this, I suppose!

Take this alert and initiate a regime of CONSCIOUS, CONSISTENT CONSERVATION OF VITALITY to throw the toxins out of the body.

THE VITALITY CONSERVATION happens through these consistent right lifestyle choices:

  • RIGHT FOOD HABITS including regular exposure to Sunlight, Fresh Air, enough quantity of RAW fruits and vegetable consumption.



Since you ask for a diet, I would like to mention, only diet change is not a holistic approach according to Nature. Food is a good way to conserve your vitality but unless you address all the factors of a balanced lifestyle, overall conservation of vitality is tough to achieve. 

  • Solid food wise, you must increase your RAW fruits and vegetables intake to 80%+ of your total intake.
  • These should be SEASONAL, ORIGINAL (UNPROCRESSED) & REGIONAL in nature. 
  • Quantity-wise, go within to listen to your inner voice and identify your hunger and its satiation, mindfully and decide your own quantitiy. 

The above is a general recommendation to improved the conserved vitality within the body so that one can effectively throw the accumulated toxins. It is appreciable, if you consult with a Nature Cure professional for specific natural diagnosis of your lifestyle and its improvement. 

Thank you...

02:38 PM | 08-06-2019

02:38 PM | 08-06-2019

Pcos is like any other chronic condition with growth. Asper nature cure, it’s the hardening stage. Body goes through a series of stages step by step before it gets here. Could be toxemia from constipation’s / harmonal imbalances, excess fats ( both saturated and unsaturated) can cause an imbalance. When the body’s eliminatory organs are blocked and sluggish, nearby organs are sure to see that impact. In this case the uterus and nearby reproductive areas. 

The solution is the same. Swati has clearly stated the suggestions. 

Staying on a oilfree whole food plant based diet is the best to heal pcos. High raw, whole and once a day grains not more

Besides that the sun exposure, cold wet pack on the abdomen and spiritually uterus and it’s related organs have a energy of their own to create a new life in them. Show respect and speak to it as if it were your dear friend and it will bounce back from the condition faster with the healthy side you offer. Be blessed 

04:32 PM | 31-10-2019


Please read a similar Q&A thread on the diet plan for pcos.


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